Science 7th Final 1

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  1. Starch is an example of
  2. What produces carbon dioxide?
  3. Cytokinesis
    • Cytoplasm divides
    • half of the organelles are distributed into the new cells
  4. DNA and RNA are
    nucleic acids
  5. An energy releasing process that does not require oxygen
  6. The organelle in which photosynthesis takes place is
  7. Element
    Substance that can't be broken down further
  8. Main method by whihc small molecules move across cell membranes
  9. Process by which water moves across cell membrane
  10. Active transport
    requires cell to use own energy
  11. passive transport
    cell does not use energy
  12. Interphase - 3 steps
    • cell grows
    • makes a copy of DNA
    • prepares to divide into 2 cells
  13. Mitosis
    one copy of DNA is distributed into each of the 2 daughter cells
  14. Cell Cycle - 3 phases
    • Interphase
    • Mitosis -prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
    • Cytokinesis
  15. 4 phases of mitosis
    • prophase
    • metaphase
    • anaphase
    • telophase
  16. Prophase
    chromatin in nucleus condenses to form chromosomes. Pairs of centrioles move to opposite sides. Spindle fibers for a bridge between the ends of the cell. Nuclear envelope breaks down.
  17. Metaphase
    • chromosomes line up across center of cell
    • each chromosome attaches to a spindle fiber at its centromere
  18. Anaphase
    • centromeres split and the 2 chromatids separate
    • One chromatid is drawn by its spindle fiber to one end of the cell.
    • The other moves to the opposite end
    • Cell stretches out as the opposite ends are pushed apart
  19. Telophase
    • chromosomes begin to stretch out and lose their rodlike appearance.
    • New nuclear envelope forms around each region of chromosomes
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