phase changes, science

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  1. freezing
    its when the substance goes from a liquid to a solid. Less energy, molecules slow down, low temperature, molecules compact, any object that is solid is in its frozen state
  2. melting
    when an object goes from a solid to a liquid, heat is applied, molecules speed up and spread out, temp increases, more energy, shares freezing point
  3. boiling
    liquid changes to a gas, heat is applied, molecules spread out and speed up, liquids change at different temps
  4. evaporation
    liquids change from liquids to a gas, molecules speed up and spread out, temp and energy increases. the process where hot molecules leave cold molecules behind, steamy shower
  5. condensation
    gases change from gas to liquid, molecures get smaller and clump, less energy, temp decreases, occurs in a drop of temperature, removal of heat. Rain cloud
  6. sublimation
    when a solid turns directly into a gas. when heat energy is applied. temp increases, molecules increase and energy.
  7. plateau
    phase change has occured, straight line on a graph
  8. phase changes
    a physical change because no new substance is created, when a state of matter changes
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