Indicative and Subjunctive

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  1. Claro que
    clearly that, no subjunctive
  2. es cierto que
    certain that, no subjunctive
  3. es evidente que
    it evident that, no subjunctive
  4. es obvio que
    its obvious, no subjunctive
  5. esta claro que
    its clear that, no subjunctive
  6. Estar convencido de que
    i'm convienced no subjunctive
  7. estar seguro de que
    i'm sure no subjunctive
  8. me/te/le/nos/les parece que
    seems to me no subjunctive
  9. no cabe duda de que
    no room for doubt, its no doubt no subjunctive
  10. Por supuesto que
    of course, naturally no subjective
  11. sin duda alguna
    without a doubt no subjunctive
  12. Todo el mundo sabe que
    everybody knoew no subjunctive
  13. Creer que
    to believe that no subjunctive
  14. pensar que
    to think that no subjunctive
  15. no dudar que
    to not doubt no subjunctive
  16. Dudar que
    to doubt Subjunctive
  17. Es dudoso que
    its doubtful Subjunctive
  18. Es incredible que
    its unbelieve Subjunctive
  19. Es imposible que
    its impossible Subjunctive
  20. No pensar que
    i don't think Subjunctive
  21. No es cierto que
    not certain Subjunctive
  22. No estar seguro de que
    not sure Subjunctive
  23. No esta claro que
    not clear Subjunctive
  24. No poder creer que
    i can't believe Subjunctive
  25. Parece mentira que
    it seems untrue Subjunctive
  26. No creer que
    to not believe Subjunctive
  27. Nadar que
    to deny that Subjunctive
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