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  1. "According to this dermatology web site, only some people are born with a sensitivity to poison ivy" True or False?
  2. For more serious cases what drug preparation is usually prescribed? A) Aspirin B) Cortisone C) Prevacid D) Percocet
  3. Can animals other than humans, like cats or dogs, get the poison ivy rash?
  4. When I get poison ivy, I like to use very hot water to eliminate the itching, at least for a while. Does this site recommend that as well?
    No it does not.
  5. In the US, how many new patients are added to the list that are using Warfarin each year? A) 500,000 B) 280,000 C) 2 million
  6. Which of these is the most likely drug to cause side effects that require hospitalization? A) warfarin B) aspirin C) digoxin D) androstenedione
  7. This device is intended to evaluate a patients genetic markers to determine how they are likely to respond to the drug, thereby helping doctor's adjust their prescription level. How many markers are evaluated int his test? 1, 2 3 4 5
  8. In December, a woman was executed in Saudi Arabia for practicing witchcraft. Was she a young woman, or older?
  9. Is witchcraft (sorcery) defined as a capital offense in the Saudi Arabian penal code?
    Not specifically.
  10. Good Morning America called giant hogweed "The plant from ______"
  11. About Giant Hogweed: The fearsome plant is chiefly recognizable by its impressive ___________ and its clusters of white flowers.
  12. About how many poisonous plants are there?
  13. What do plants use chemicals for?
    Defense against insects, larger animals, and communication
  14. What is the "water balloon" or waste lagoon in a plant?
  15. What is the number one poisonous plant in Athens county?
    Poison ivy
  16. Has "leaves of three" but can be quite variable in appearance.
    Poison ivy
  17. What is a common tree whose seedling looks like poison ivy?
    Box elder
  18. How to tell difference between box elder and poison ivy?
    Poison ivy alternates on sides of branch. Box elder appears side by side.
  19. Name two close relatives of poison ivy.
    Poison sumac and poison oak.
  20. A genus of flowering plants that includes poison ivy, oak, and summac.
  21. Poison ivy, oak and summac all contain _______, an alcohol with an "oil" long tail.
  22. How long of a window after you touch poison ivy do you have to remove the oil with soap and water or mud?
    Twenty minutes
  23. Poisonous plant in Ohio. Relative of carrots.
    Poison hemlock.
  24. Conjum maculatum = ______________
    Poison hemlock
  25. Active ingredient in poison hemlock?
  26. Used to carry out capital punishment in ancient Greece? (Socrates)
    Poison hemlock
  27. Two classifications of Central Nervous System poisons?
    Sedatives and stimulants. Sedatives cause flaccid paralysis, and stimulants cause spastic parlysis.
  28. Initially a stimulant, but then causes sedation.
    Poison hemlock.
  29. Heracleum mantegassianum = ______________
    Giant hogweed
  30. A federal noxious weed.
    Giant hogweed
  31. For injury, sap must come in contact with skin and the skin must be exposed to sunlight.
    Giant hogweed
  32. Urtica dioica = _____________
    Stinging nettles
  33. Name two plants that are either male of female.
    Poison nettles or hops. (Also, marijuana)
  34. This plant contains histamine, which triggers all your allergic reactions.
    Stinging nettles
  35. This plant was to Europe by Roman soldiers, and used it to beat themselves for warmth or to stay awake late at night on watch.
    Stinging nettles
  36. Physostigma venenosum = _____________
    Ordeal bean
  37. What is an ordeal trial?
    Put someone through an ordeal. If they survive, then they are innocent. These are said to be decided by the gods.
  38. Alkaloids are:
    Alkaline in rection, contain nitrogen, have an effect on human body, and name ends in "ine."
  39. Where are poison arrows common?
  40. What do "one tree, two tree, and three tree" poisons refer to?
    How many trees a monkey will jump to before falling to the ground.
  41. Gerneric name for arrow poisons.
  42. What is the main poison in Struchnos toxifera?
  43. An antidote for barbituate poisoning.
  44. What is a famous poison for mob hits, and formerly used for poisoning rodents? There is no antidote for accidental poisoning.
  45. Chemical in plants that we know as fresh cut grass.
  46. Today, rat poison is based on.....
    Dicoumarol. It interferes with blood clotting. Bleed to death.
  47. Active ingredient in rat poison with a slow release.
  48. What is an antidote for dicoumarol?
    Vitamin K
  49. Ricinus communis = _______________
    Castor Bean
  50. What is a feared bio-weapon?
    Castor bean. Contains ricin.
  51. Interferes with ribosomes, whose role is to make proteins.
  52. Perhaps the most potent plant poison. No antidote.
  53. Regulated under anti-terrorism laws in America. Could poison a water supply.
  54. What is a purgative?
  55. Abrus precatorius were commonly used in...
  56. What toxin do rosary peas contain?
  57. What do you do if someone recently swallowed a poison?
    Syrup of Ipecac.
  58. Syrup of Ipecac is an....
    emetic. Makes you throw up.
  59. A group of chemicals have in common a sugar molecule attached to something else.
  60. Toxin in seeds and pits of apples, apricots, cherries, peaches
  61. Inhibits mitochondreia...the energy factories in your body.
  62. An alternative cancer therapy.
    Laetrile from apricot seeds.
  63. Two types of glycosides
    Cyanogenic glycosides and cardiac glycosides
  64. What was the first steroid isolated and used medically?
  65. Requires the urine of 40 oxin to provide enough for one patient.
  66. Dioscorea = _____________
    Wild yams
  67. In Mexico, these are used to kill fish.
  68. This plant helped cut the costs of cortisone.
  69. Estrogens for treatment of menopause and other issues. Most widely used brand name...
  70. What is the active ingredient in rotenone
    Derris elliptica
  71. Two major uses for rotenone:
    Insecticide and fish management.
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