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  1. Friction is an example of electricity's _________ effect.
  2. A galvanic electrotherapy service uses _______ current and is _____ voltage and ______ amperage.
    • direct current.
    • low voltage.
    • high amperage.
  3. Anaphoresis uses a(n) _____ to force _____ solutions into the skin.
    • cathode.
    • alkaline.
  4. Cataphoresis uses a(n) ______ to force ______ solutions into the skin.
    • anode.
    • acid.
  5. Faradic and sinusoidal current are _________ electrotherapy treatments.
  6. Tesla is a _____ frequency with adjustable _____ which can produce heat.
    • high.
    • voltage.
  7. Name the three parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    • Infrared.
    • Ultraviolet.
    • Visible.
  8. Which portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is interpreted as color and list the colors.
    Visible. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (ROY G BIV).
  9. This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum creates heat and accounts for 80% of sunlight.
  10. This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum can be damaging to the skin but it also aids in Vitamin D production, it tans the skin, kills bacteria that cause skin infections and is germicidal.
  11. What breaks white light into its individual wavelengths?
  12. Which type of lighting creates cool cast which can cause hair color service difficulty, but is economical and long lasting?
  13. Which type of lighting mimics sunlight and can create warm or reddish casts, but can be expensive to operate and creates heat?
  14. Which wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum have the longest length, which have the shortest length?
    • Infrared: longest.
    • Ultraviolet: shortest.
  15. What are the three kinds of effect that an electric current can have?
    • Heating
    • Mechanical/Magnetic
    • Electrochemical
  16. What is electrotherapy?
    the application of special currents that have certain effects on the skin.
  17. How is 120 volt electric current converted to a current safe for the human body in electrotherapy services?
    A wall plate.
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