Ears, Nose, and Throat Assessment

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  1. The Rinne's Test examines differentiation between
    BC and AC. (A normal test has AC > BC)
  2. Evidence of conductive hearing loss can be seen when
    BC (Bone conduction) is longer or the same as AC (Air conduction)
  3. What instrument is used to visualize the TM?
    Otoscope (Remember, the orthoscope is for examining the eyes)
  4. What is Weber's Test
    Upon placing an activated tuning fork on the midline of the parietal bone, the patien should hear sound in both ears and at equal intensity.
  5. What type of drugs may produce coughs?
    ACE inhibitors
  6. What types of drugs may predispose patients to nosebleeds or exacerbate bleeding?
  7. What drug class could possibly produced nasal congestion
    Hormones, Analgesics, CNS agents
  8. What type of drug class could produce dry mucous membranes?
    Antihistamines, antidepressants
  9. Geographic Tongue is
    A white coating of te tongue. May be oral candidiasis. No significant pathology associated with it, common in patients taking antibiotics
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