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  1. What did Mackenzie King promise at the beginning of world war 2?
    He promised that he would not implement conscription.
  2. What opinions did French and English have on conscription?
    French - opposed of concription

    English - Wanted conscription
  3. What and when was the National Resources Mobilization Act?
    1940 - Limited conscription, where soldiers are trained to defend Canada but not go overseas
  4. What did Mackenzie King do when he was pressured to conscript?
    He held a plebiscite over whether to conscript.
  5. What was the National Resources Mobilization Act?
    It was an law that would permit conscription if an emergency occurred.
  6. How did the economy change in world war 2?
    The economy rose in world war 2, factories moved from peace to war time goods, there was more employment.
  7. How did the government finance the war?
    The government sold victory bonds that had interest.
  8. Why was Britain impressed with Canada?
    Canada was impressed with the amount of Canadian soldiers who fought and the amount of supplies Canada provided.
  9. What was the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan?
    It was a program in Canada from around the world that trained pilots to fly and go to war.
  10. What were womens' roles in the war?
    During the war, many women served overseas as nurses, drivers, and firefighters.

    At home women worked in factories, and other jobs.

    They were not allowed to fight and received less pay.
  11. How were Japanese Canadians mistreated during WW2?
    Japanese Canadians were mistreated by other Canadians giving racist remarks and resentment. After Pearl Harbour, they were put into internment camps that had poor quality and no freedom.
  12. When was the cold war?
    1946 - 1991
  13. What suspicions did the United States and the Soviet Union have of each other?
    USA - Feared USSR wanted to expand, fear of communism taking over.

    USSR - Fear of being invaded by Germany, fear of threat to their way of life, fear of A bomb
  14. What was the Iron Curtain?
    The dividing line through germany that separated Communist and Democratic Europe.

    You can't see, hear, or enter through the curtain.
  15. What and when was the Truman Doctrine?
    1947 - "Containment Policy" An american pledge to help stop the spread of Communism to other nations of the world.
  16. What and when was the Marshall Plan?
    1947-48 - The US offered financial aid to European countries, in the European Recovery Program, ($17 billion), to contain communism.
  17. Why didn't the United Nations free the eastern countries?
    Because the powerful countries in the UN (security council) had a veto, and the USSR vetoed any attempt to free eastern countries.
  18. How was Germany Divided?
    Britain, France, USA, and USSR had a section of Germany and Berlin. Britain USA combined into west germany, USSR kept East.
  19. What happened when USSR tried to block access to Berlin?
    1948 -Allies flew supplies to West Berlin.
  20. What and when was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?
    1949 - US, Canada, Britain, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium make alliance for protection against USSR.
  21. What and when was the Warsaw Pact?
    1955, USSR alliance with eastern Europe.
  22. What competitions were in the cold war?
    • 1. Arms Race
    • 2. Space Race
    • 3. Sports (Olympics)
    • 4. Technology
    • 5. Spying
    • 6. Influence on other countries
    • 7. Propoganda
  23. What and when was the gouzenko affair?
    1945 - A soviet spy that told on the other russian spies' work to Canada.
  24. What is NORAD?
    A defence system in Canada in case the USSR attacks.
  25. What are the pros and cons of the cancellation of the AVRO arrow?
    • Pros:
    • - missiles make jet interceptor obsolete
    • - Pressure from USA to buy BOMARK missiles
    • - Arrow was very expensive, 2-4 million

    • Cons:
    • - Lost jobs
    • - Engineers left Canada
    • - could have sold arrow to other countries, lost money
    • - Loss of nuclear tip, less effective
    • - Diefenbaker bought fighter jets "voodoos" from USA, lost money
  26. When and what was the Korean War?
    1950-53 - South Korea and Allies vs. North Korea and China
  27. What and when was the Suez Crisis?
    1956 - The suez crisis was when Egypt tried to take over the suez canal and Britain, France, and Israel went to battle with them.
  28. What did Lester B. Pearson do about the Suez canal crisis?
    He created a UN peacekeeping force to stop the fighting.
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