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  1. Anomaly
    • 1.Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    • 2.The angular distance of a planet or satellite from its last perihelion or perigee.
  2. Assuage
    • 1. Make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense
    • 2. Satisfy (an appetite or desire)
  3. Enigma
    A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand
  4. Equivocal
    • 1. Open to more than one interpretation; ambiguous.
    • 2. Uncertain or questionable in nature.
  5. Erudite
    • Having or showing great knowledge or learning.
    • Syn scholarly - lettered - wise
  6. Fervid
    • 1.Intensely enthusiastic or passionate.
    • 2.Burning, hot, or glowing.
  7. Lucid
    • 1. Expressed clearly; easy to understand
    • 2.Showing ability to think clearly, esp. in the intervals between periods of confusion or insanity.
  8. Opaque
    Not able to be seen through; not transparent.
  9. Placate
    Make (someone) less angry or hostile.
  10. Precipitate
    Verb:Cause (an event or situation, typically a bad one) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely.

    Adjective:Done, made, or acting suddenly or without careful consideration.
  11. Prodigal
    Adjective:Spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant.

    Noun:A person who spends money in a recklessly extravagant way.
  12. Zeal
    Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective
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