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  1. Welcome
    Selamat datang
  2. Good morning
    Selamat pagi
  3. Goodday
    Selamat siang
  4. Good afternoon
    Selamat sore
  5. Good evening
    Selamat malam
  6. Good night
    Selamat tidur
  7. How are you?
    Apa khabar?
  8. I'm fine
    • Baik baik
    • Khabar baik
  9. Where are you going?
    (Lit: Want to where?)
    Mau ke mana?
  10. Where are you coming from?
    (Lit: From where?)
    Dari mana?
  11. Just going for a walk
    Jalan jalan saja
  12. Just out for some air
    Makan angina
  13. Not anywhere in particular
    Tidak ke mana mana
  14. Excuse me. I am going now.
    Mari. Saya pergi dulu.
  15. See you (again)
    (Lit: Until meet (again))
    Sampai jumpa (lagi)
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