Stat 1124: CH 3

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  1. What is a density function?
    A smooth curve drawn over the histogram is a mathematical model aka ia density function
  2. What does a smooth curve describe?(aka density curve)
    It describes the overall pattern of a distribution
  3. What shapes do density curves come in?
    They come in any imaginable shape!
  4. What are some properties of density curves?
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  5. What is Normal distributions?
    Normal distrubutions are a family of symmetrical, bell shaped density curves defines by a mean (mu) and a standard deviation(sigma)
  6. What are three characteristics of normal distrubution?
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  7. What is the Emprircal rule?
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  8. How to calculate the area under the normal curve?
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  9. What does a z-score measure?
    A z-score measure the number of standard deviations that a data value x is from the mean "u".
  10. When x is larger than the mean, z-score is ______
  11. WHen x is smaller than the mean, z-score is ________-
  12. How to calculate z-scores (Just look)
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