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    • -Spot at the table the server stands to take the order.
    • -allows you to correctly identify seat numbers
    • -are predetermined
  2. Why are seat numbers important?
    • they enable us to determine what each guest has ordered
    • -makes special instructions or exceptions to food allergies easy to take care of.
    • -ensures we never appear unprofessional by auctioning off food.
  3. show table and explain
    • when standing in pp, seat numbers begin with the seat to your immidiate left, as guest 1, and continue clockwise.
    • -all seats are counted whether they are occupied or not.
    • -seat numbers for booths.
  4. changing seats
    if a guest changes seat numbers during a meal, their seat number will need to be changed in MICROS, inform a mangager.
  5. point out tables
    ask: wher is the pivot point for this table and where are the seat numbers

    if two guests are sitting across from each other in a booth, what would their numbers be.
  6. Community tables
    group of tables in the bar area where guests may seat themselves. larger and may seat more than one party. because of this, each seat is it's own table number.

    if each guest is alone, then each gtuest would be rang up as thier own table with the corresponding table number. if there are multiple people in the party, the check would be rang under the table number of the first guest.
  7. Why is the Greet important?
  8. The greet sets the tone for the guests total dining experience. guests will view a dining experience better after an amazing initial greet and will be more forgiving if something doesn't go perfectly.
  9. Who has had an awful greet?
    How did it affect your experience?
  10. Greet
    The greet is the guests first impression of you and the service you are going to give. if a guest recieves a poor greet, their expectation drops for the rest of the dining experience.
  11. whats in it for you to give a great greet
    guests that begin their dining experience with a welcoming greet are mainder of their dining more likely going to enjoy the remainder of their dining experience. a happy guest means more tips for you.

    ensuring that youre guests have a perfect dining experience from the beginning to end creates the possiblilty of that guest becoming your regular guest. what does this mean? moretips for you?
  12. front door greet
    the front door greett is a crucial step in setting a great tone for the guests entire dining experience. every guests that comes into m&r needs to be greeted immidiately. thismeans holding the door open, smiling and welcoming each guest into our restaurant. the hosts will seat the guests.
  13. table greet
    • there are three main points in executing the perfect tableside greet. 30 seconds, coasters, and making the connection.
    • when greeting a table,always maintain a welcoming posture, never kneel or squat, and always smile.
  14. 30 seconds
    every guest should be greeted within 30 seconds of being sat. 30 seconds can seem like a long timewhen you are waiting and we never want our guests to feel they have been forgotten. CLOSE EYES.
  15. why is thirty seconds important
    it feels a lot longer than it really is. if they have to wait longer than that, they may feel like they were forgotten. start to wonder did i make a mistake.

    the only way to acheivhe this is through teamwork. if you see a guest with out coasters greet the table immidiately. if they have waited longer, let a mangager know. remember, every guest is your guests.
  16. coasters
    every table should be greeted with coasters. always place a coaster at every table.
  17. making guest connections
    make a connection with the the guest and get thier story. getting the guesats story means finding out why they are dining with usguests . they may be celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just be out for dinner. once you have the guests story you are able to make the connection. this means tailoring your service to the kind of experience that meets your guests needs. we want our guests to have customized service rather than transactional
  18. what is transactional service
    what is customized
  19. steps to making a conncection
    • 1. welcome each guest with a genuine smile and friendly greeting
    • 2.if you recognize them, welcome them back,
    • 3. get their story
    • 4 during the greet you also need to read your guest to determine what kind of service they are looking for.
  20. sweet water 420
    a tasty west coast style pale ale with a crisp finish.

    pale ale compliments our breaded seafood because hoppiness cuts through the heavy nature of these dishes. therefore this dish would be eprfect with hand breaded tilapia strips
  21. anchor steam
    • deep amber ale, one of the first beers to start the craft beer movement. it gots its name years ago from the cooling process it went through when it was originally brewed. as the heated beer was you could see theot up to a cooling panel in the ceiling, you could see the steam rise up from the beer. giving it its name, anchor steam.
    • a good all around beer for any food that is not sweet. this ale is a perfect pairing for the heartiness of the clam chowder the spiciness of fish taco.

    • deep amber color, thick creamy
    • head, and rich flavor. malty cream toasty. american style.
  22. lager
    light crisp refreshing

    cooler temps rich malty
  23. wheat beer
    beer enthusiast blank slate
  24. ipa
    normally drinks a lager but wants something new, suggest a pale ale that can be a smooth transitions.

    ales- higher temps, robust citrusty piney herbal

    big robust hoppy but not over the top
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