Vocabulary 1&2

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  1. advocacy
    speaking or arguing in support of a policy or a person's rights.
  2. antepartum
    refers to the period of pregnancy before the onset of labor.
  3. bioethics
    rules or principles that govern right conduct, specifically those that relate to health care.
  4. case management
    a practice model that uses a systematic approach to identify specific client needs and to manage client care to ensure optimal outcomes.
  5. deontologic theory
    ethical theory that holds that the right course of action is the one dictated by ethical principles and moral rules.
  6. ethical dilemma
    a situation in which no solution seems completely satisfactory.
  7. ethics
    rules or principles that govern right conduct and distinctions between right and wrong.
  8. infant mortality rate
    number of deaths per 1000 live births that occur within the first 12 months of life.
  9. intrapartum
    the time of labor and childbirth.
  10. lactation
    secretion of milk from the breasts; also describes the time when a child is breastfed.
  11. malpractice
    negligence by a professional person.
  12. maternal mortality rate
    number of maternal deaths from childbirth and the complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium (the first 42 days after the end of the pregnancy) per 100,000 live births. New criteria add deaths after 42 days to the total if pregnancy aggravated a disease that existed before pregnancy or developed during pregnancy and the disease susequently led to the woman's death.
  13. morbidity
    ratio of sick to well person in a defined population.
  14. negligence
    failure to act in the way a reasonable, prudent person of similar background would act in similar circumstances.
  15. neonatal mortality rate
    number of deaths per 1000 live births that occur before 28 days of lie.
  16. nurse practice acts
    laws that determine the scope of nursing practice in each state.
  17. postpartum
    refers to the first 6 weeks after childbirth.
  18. standard of care
    level of care that can be expected of a professional. This level id determined by laws, professional organizations, and health care agencies.
  19. standardized procedures
    procedures determined by nurses, physicians, and administrators that allow nurses to perform duties usally part of the medical practice.
  20. utilitarian theory
    ethical theory that holds that the right course of action is the one that produces the greatest good.
  21. ambiguity (ambiguous)
    lack of clarity or certainty; having more than one meaning.
  22. assumptions
    beliefs taken for granted without examination.
  23. baseline data
    information that describes the status of the client before treatment begins.
  24. bias
    a prejudice that sways the mind.
  25. cesarean birth
    surgical birth of the fetus through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus.
  26. delegated nursing intervetnions
    physician-prescribed nursing actions that require nursing judgement because nurses are accountable for correct implementation.
  27. fetus
    the developing baby from 9 weeks after conception until birth. In everyday practice the term is often used to describe a developing baby during pregnancy, regardless of age.
  28. independent nursing interventions
    nurse-prescribed actions used in both nursing diagnoses and collaboratively addressed problems.
  29. inference
    the act of drawing a conclusion or making a deduction.
  30. judgment
    an opinion.
  31. nursing diagnosis
    a clinical judgement about individual, family, or community responses to actual or potential health problems or life processes.
  32. reflection
    meditation, attentive consideration.
  33. skepticism
    doubt in the absence of conclusive evidence.
  34. suspend
    to delay or to bring to a stop temporarily.
  35. validate
    to make certain that the information collected during assessment is accurate.
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