General vocabulary

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  1. a lout
  2. a deadlock
    punto muerto: There was a deadlock in the dispute between management and workers over pay.
  3. fumes
  4. to object
    • oponerse: Some objected to fighting for moral reasons. Would you object if I open the window?
    • objetar: He objected that it was too expensive.
  5. a sticky situation
    una situación difícil, peliaguda
  6. oblivious
    inconsciente, ajeno: He's totally oblivious of the risks. She went on, oblivious to what was happening.
  7. never-ending
    eterno, interminable
  8. struggle for supremacy
    la lucha por la supremacía
  9. to clear up
    • ordenar, limpiar, recoger: Mom wnats you to clear up your room.
    • desaparecer: Your cold seems to have cleared up.
  10. a takeover
    toma de poder (país); absorción (empresa)
  11. a turnover
    • facturación: Annual turnover exceeds five million pounds.
    • movimiento, rotación (plantilla)
    • empanadilla
  12. a smartypants
  13. a horsewoman
  14. to flog
    hostigar, espolear
  15. a trough /trÉ’f/
    depresión, punto más bajo
  16. well-meaning
  17. to mean well
    tener buenas intenciones
  18. to be cross
    estar enfadado
  19. to diminish
    • disminuir: The measures were designed to diminish the threat of war.
    • degradar: It would diminish my son to say that I understood him.
  20. pap
    tonterías: TV shows offer nothing but pap nowadays.
  21. pappy
    tonto, insulso, intrascendente
  22. ephemeral
  23. the box
    la tele (UK)
  24. to pinch
    birlar, robar
  25. upbringing
    educación: The godparents take responsibility for the child religious or moral upbringing.
  26. to assess
    evaluar: Teachers have to assess their pupils' level.
  27. owing to
    debido a: Some pupils pass out during an examen owing to stress and anxiety.
  28. to bequeath
    legar: He bequethed his violin to his best pupil.
  29. to throb
    palpitar, latir
  30. lead /led/
  31. shove
  32. a raft
  33. to lash
  34. hitherto
    hasta ahora, hasta la fecha: Hitherto unknown techniques.
  35. an extent
    extensión, alcance: The extent of alcohol addiction among young drinkers has increased in the last years.
  36. to steer
    conducir, manejar
  37. perilous
  38. uncharted
  39. to fidget
    moverse con impaciencia: The audience began to cough and fidget.
  40. to rivet
    fascinar, enganchar: The plot ot the play held the audience riveted.
  41. to come across
    encontrarse con
  42. to stick out
    sacar, asomarse: He stuck his head out of the window.
  43. to loom
    surgir, acercarse amenazadoramente, cernirse: The day of the interviw was looming. The threat of plague loomed over the city.
  44. to nibble
  45. in the nick of time
    justo a tiempo: I arrived (just) in the nick of time.
  46. to shrink (shrink, shrank, shrunk)
    encogerse, hacerse pequeño
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