Dental Assisting Mod 140 unit3

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  1. Name the 3 Classification of dental impressions.
    • Preliminary, Final, and Occlusal (bite registration)
  2. What kind of cement is used to cement temporary crowns?
    Zinc Oxide - Eugenol or Intermediate Restorative Material
  3. Where are polycarbonate crown used?
    Are used in cases in which appearance is important.
  4. Explain how to floss while wearing a provisional crown?
    Do not pop the floss into and out of the contact. Once the floss is placed below the contact, pull the floss through the contact to the lingual or the facial side.
  5. What gypsum product is used for lab dies?
    High - Strenght Stone
  6. What kind of wax contains aluminum foil between its layers?
    Bite Registration wax
  7. What kind of wax is used for baseplate construction?
    Boxing Wax
  8. List and describe the two portions of the study cast.
    Anatomic Portion which is created from the Aginate impression And Art Portion wich forms the base of the cast.
  9. What kind of materialis used to fabricate a mouthguard?
    Thermoplastic resin material
  10. What kind of wax can be used to increase the lenght or depth of an alaginate impression tray?
    Utility Wax
  11. What is the dental lathe used for?
    Polish or Trim Custom Tray, Provisional Coverage, Dentures, Indirect Restorations.
  12. What size tray covers 1/2 of the arch?
    Quadrant Tray.
  13. Which elastomeric material has the highest viscosity? Lowest?
    • the Regular and Heavy-Bodied Material have the Highest Viscosity
    • And the Light-Bodied have the Lowest Viscosity.
  14. Which elastomeric impression material has the best dimensional stability?
  15. How much time do you have to pour up am algimate impression after it is taken?
    1 Hour
  16. What is the most commen material used for preliminary impressions?
    Aliginate (irreversible hydrocollod)
  17. Describe the appearance of the art portions of both maxillary and mandibular study models.
    Form the base and should make up one third of the over all of model cast
  18. What is the function of the bite registration?
    Bite registration is used to show the occlusal relationship of the maxillary and mandibular teeth.
  19. What is the most commenly used type of temporary coverage used in crown and bridge procedures?
    Custom Provisional.
  20. Which gypsum product has the highest water to power ratio?
    Model plaster.
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