chapter 24

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  1. if u apply a pesticide n the wind carries it off target, r u liable even though u tried to be careful?
    yes. the applicator is responsible for their actions.
  2. if the site u applied a pesticide to is injured, even though u followed the directions n dosages on the label, who could be liable?
    the dealer, manufacture, applicator, or the owner may be liable.
  3. is the application of pesticides legally considered to be an ultra- hazardous activity?
    yes. application of pesticides is legally considered as ultra-hazardous.
  4. can u be sued for applying pesticides to the wrong target area, even though no damage is done?
    yes. ur responsible to apply to the right target area.
  5. what is the legal standing of bees who r killed while they r " visiting " in a sprayed field ?
    they r considered to be " trespassing " n therefore, the applicator is not usually liable. in some states, the applicator can be liable if procedures for prior notice to adjacent landowners r not followed.
  6. from a legal standpoint, y should u never leave pesticide equipment or empty pesticide containers around where children could be attracted to them?
    they r a " attractive nuisance" n the applicator r held liable.
  7. if someone accuses u of pesticide misuse, what steps should u take to protect yourself?
    • check ur records
    • make notes of the scene
    • record conditions at scene
    • take photos
    • save the pesticide container
    • notify insurance company n chemical company
    • make a list of all witnesses
  8. list at least 3 practices that r important for good public relations?
    • be courteous
    • listen patiently
    • be prepared
    • be able to answer any questions
    • take notes
    • be prompt
    • always keep good records
  9. who can best advise u on your insurance needs?
    an insurance agent who specializes in pesticide insurance.
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