Honors English (Eleventh Grade)

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  1. Duncan
    • Murdered by Macbeth
    • King of Scotland
    • Had 2 sons, Malcolm & Donalbain
    • Made Macbeth Thane of Cawdor
  2. Malcolm
    • Son of Duncan, heir to throne
    • Named Prince of Cumberland
    • Fled to England after Duncan's murder
    • Tested Macduff 3 times for loyalty
    • Returned to Scotland and regained throne
  3. Donalbain
    • Son of Duncan, brother to Malcolm
    • Fled to Ireland after Duncan's murder
  4. Banquo
    • Was with Macbeth during 3 witches' prophecies
    • Was prophesied his sons would be king
    • Was killed and returned as ghost at banquet
    • Was object of Macbeth's plan to murder him & Fleance
  5. Macduff
    • Fled to England to persuade Malcolm to fight against Macbeth
    • Had entire family slaughtered under Macbeth
    • Was not born of woman (untimely ripped from mother's womb)
    • Killed Macbeth
  6. Fleance
    • Prophecied by witches to eventually be king
    • Was Banquo's son
    • Fled when his father was murdered
  7. Young Siward
    • Son of Siward
    • Died a hero's death
    • Wounds on front
  8. Macbeth
    • Killed King Duncan
    • Thane of Glamis-> Cawdor -> King
    • Conscience-> No conscience
    • Killed by Macduff
  9. Lady Macbeth
    • Catalyst of Play
    • Macbeth's wife
    • No conscience-> Conscience
    • Killed herself
  10. Lady Macduff
    • Macduff's wife
    • Angry at Macduff for leaving
    • Defended him even though she was mad
    • Died by Macbeth's command
  11. Hecate
    • Leader of the Witches
    • Angry she didn't get to play
    • Made Witches give Macbeth confusion & overconfidence
  12. Witches
    • Prophesied Macbeth to be king
    • Prophesied Banquo to beget kings
    • Gave Macbeth confusion & overconfidence

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Macbeth Character Identification
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