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  1. ´╗┐Floating
    exterior patterns
  2. Scallion stalk
    blood loss, yin damage
  3. Soggy
    Vacuity, damp
  4. Scattered
    scattering of original qi, imminent expiry of zangfu qi
  5. Drumskin
    essence blood vacuity cold
  6. Deep
    Interior pattern, depression pattern, water swelling
  7. Hidden
    blocked evil, inversion pattern, extreme pain, yang debility
  8. Confined
    cold accumulations flourishing internally, shan, accumulations and conglomerations
  9. Slow
    cold pattern
  10. Moderate
    spleen vacuity, damp pattern
  11. Rough
    essence damage, blood depletion, stagnation, blood stasis
  12. Rapid
    heat pattern
  13. Racing
    extreme heat, yin exhaustion, floating yang
  14. Stirred
    Pain pattern, palpitation pattern
  15. Slippery
    phlegm food accumulation, repletion heat
  16. Vacuous
    qi and blood vacuity
  17. Faint
    slightly critical case of yang qi debility
  18. Weak
    insufficiency of qi and blood
  19. Replete
    repletion pattern, heat pattern
  20. Tight
    cold, pain, food stagnation
  21. Surging
    flourishing heat
  22. Skipping
    flourishing yang-repletion heat, phlegm flourishing, food stagnation
  23. Bound
    yin flourishing qi bind
  24. Regularly intermittent
    slight debilitation of viscera qi, wind pattern, pain, palpitations
  25. Large
    entrance of disease (with force), outward floating of yang vacuity (without force)
  26. Fine
    vacuity taxation detriment with yin vacuity, damp
  27. Long
    surplus of yang qi, repletion pattern
  28. Short
    qi depression (with force), qi injury (without force)
  29. String-like
    Liver/Gallbladder disease, pain, phlegm rheum
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