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  1. ´╗┐Dry, dull teeth
    Ki yin xu
  2. Loose or Lost teeth
    Ki yin xu
  3. Pale gums
    Xue Xu
  4. BLeeding gums with pain
    Stomach fire
  5. Bleeding gums without pain (2)
    ki yin xu or sp qi xu
  6. Edema with no pit
    Qi Edema
  7. Edema with a pit
    Water Edema
  8. Tough tongue
  9. tender tongue
    extreme xu
  10. thin tongue (2)
    yin or xue xu
  11. swollen tongue
  12. prickles on the tongue
    extreme heat
  13. cracks in the tongue (2)
    congenital or yin xu
  14. tooth marks on the tongue
    sp qi xu
  15. sores on the tongue
  16. flaccid tongue
    fluid deficiency
  17. stiff tongue (2)
    blood stasis or internal Liver wind
  18. trembling tongue (2)
    qi xu or internal wind
  19. deviated tongue
    internal liver wind
  20. contracted tongue (3)
    congenital, internal cold, yin xu
  21. long tongue (2)
    congenital, heat
  22. slimy tongue
  23. beancurd tongue coat
    acute food stagnation
  24. pulse: ext. wind-cold (1)
    floating & tight
  25. pulse: ext wind-heat (1)
    floating & rapid
  26. pulse: enduring disease with qi and yin xu (2)
    floating, faint
  27. pulse: blood desertion (2)
    hollow, drumskin
  28. pulse: essence loss (2)
    hollow, drumskin
  29. pulse: qi and xue xu (6)
    soggy, weak, vacuous, bound, regularly intermittent, fine
  30. pulse: dampness (4)
    soggy, slippery, moderate, fine
  31. pulse: hospice (1)
  32. pulse: extreme yang xu (1)
  33. pulse: cold obstruction (3)
    hidden, confined, slow
  34. pulse: extreme pain (2)
    wiry, stirred
  35. pulse: fear, anxiety (2)
    stirred, regularly intermittent
  36. pulse: pregnancy (2)
    stirred, slippery
  37. pulse: phlegm (8)
    wiry, slippery, rough, replete, skipping, bound, long, short
  38. pulse: food retention (7)
    wiry, short, bound, skipping, replete, rough, slippery
  39. pulse: blood stasis (1)
  40. pulse: blood xu (3)
    vacuity, rough, large
  41. pulse: qi and xue stagnation (3)
    rough, skipping, bound
  42. pulse: yang collapse (2)
    faint, hollow
  43. pulse: spleen yang xu (1)
  44. pulse: right vs evil qi (2)
    replete, bound
  45. pulse: cold patterns (1)
  46. pulse: 4 bigs (1)
  47. pulse: summertime (1)
  48. pulse: emotions (2)
    skipping, bounding
  49. pulse: masses (1)
  50. pulse: heart yang xu (1)
  51. pulse: yin xu (2)
    fine, large
  52. pulse: spring (2)
    wiry, long
  53. dizziness worse when tired, milder symptoms (2)
    qi and blood xu
  54. dizziness with loss of balance and swaying
    internal liver wind
  55. dizziness with throbbing HA
    liver yang rising
  56. dizziness with heaviness and fogginess
    phlegm obstructing yang from rising
  57. wandering bi syndrome
  58. fixed bi syndrome
  59. painful bi syndrome
  60. backache:continous, dull, better with rest
    ki xu
  61. backache: recent onset, severe w/ stiffness
    sprain causing blood stasis
  62. backache: boring pain w/ inability to turn waist
    blood stasis
  63. backache: extending to shoulders
    exterior wind attack
  64. numbness on both sides
    blood vacuity
  65. profuse urine, copious and frequent, clear, more at night
    ki yang xu
  66. yellow, scanty urine
    heat consuming fluids
  67. frequent, scanty, clear urine
    qi xu
  68. scanty, dark, urine - chronic
    ki yin xu
  69. enuresis
    ki qi vacuity
  70. pain before urinating
    qi stagnation in lower jiao
  71. pain during urination
    damp-heat in UB
  72. pain after urination
    qi xu
  73. difficulty performing bowel movement (not dry)
    liver qi stagnation
  74. constipation with small stools (2)
    liver qi stagnation or heat in the intestines
  75. alternating constipation and diarrhea
    Liver qi stagnation invading the spleen
  76. constipation in elderly or postpartum women
    blood xu
  77. 1st stool, then blood
    distal bleeding in stool
  78. 1st blood, then stool
    proximal bleeding
  79. Gnawing hunger, satisfied with small bites
    Stomach yin xu
  80. aversion to food (2)
    food retention, pregnancy
  81. sour taste in mouth (2)
    lv/st disharmony, food retention
  82. salty taste in mouth
    ki yin xu
  83. greasy taste in mouth
    dampness encumbering the spleen
  84. pungent or fishy taste in mouth
    lung heat
  85. Floaters in the eyes
    liver blood or yin xu
  86. night blindness
    liver blood vacuity
  87. dry eyes (2)
    liver yin xu, kidney yin xu
  88. photophobia (2)
    lv blood xu, lv yang rising
  89. no thirst
    cold pattern
  90. thirst with no desire to drink
  91. thirst for sips (1)
    yin xu
  92. quality of sleep indicates...
    the state of the Shen and Hun
  93. Palpitations, light sleeping, and poor memory
    Heart Blood xu
  94. waking up w/ excessive dreams
    kidney yin xu leading to Heart fire
  95. delayed ability to fall asleep and waking before dawn (2)
    Heart qi xu or GB xu
  96. early arrival of menses (2)
    heat in the blood or qi xu
  97. late period (3)
    blood xu, blood stasis, or cold
  98. irregular period (2)
    liver qi stagnation or spleen qi xu
  99. heavy loss of blood that is bright red (period)
    heat in the blood
  100. pale and scanty blood (period)
    blood xu
  101. abnormal uterine bleeding (5)
    heat in the blood, deficient spleen qi, stagnant qi, blood stasis, or deficient liver/kidney yin
  102. amenorrhea (4)
    blood xu, blood stasis, deficient liver or kidney yin, phlegm dampness
  103. very dark red or bright red menstrual blood
    heat in the blood
  104. pale menstrual blood
    blood xu
  105. purple or blackish menstrual blood (2)
    blood stasis or cold
  106. congealed menstrual blood with clots (2)
    blood stasis or cold
  107. turbid menstural blood (2)
    heat in the blood, cold stagnation
  108. watery menstrual blood
    blood xu
  109. pain before periods (3)
    qi stagnation, blood stasis, or cold-cold/damp
  110. pain during periods (6)
    qi stagnation, blood stasis, cold stagnation, qi xu, blood xu, or blood-heat
  111. pain after periods
    blood xu
  112. white, thin, and clear vaginal discharge (2)
    cold from spleen or kidney yang xu, exterior cold-damp
  113. yellow, thick and smelly vaginal discharge
    damp-heat in the lower jiao
  114. red and white vaginal discharge
  115. Vomiting during pregnancy (2)
    stomach heat, stomach and chong mai deficiency
  116. miscarriage in first trimester
  117. (2)
    blood xu, kidney essence deficiency
  118. miscarriage after first trimester (2)
    liver blood stasis, sinking spleen qi
  119. fatigue with lack of appetite and loose stools
    spleen qi vacuity
  120. fatigue with a weak voice, chronic weak cough, and easily catches colds
    lung qi vacuity
  121. fatigue with chilliness, chronic backache, frequent urination, lassitude
    kidney yang vacuity
  122. dizziness, blurred vision, scanty periods, slight depression
    liver blood vacuity
  123. difficulty sleeping, anxiety, little tongue coat, and rapid and fin pulse
    kidney yin vacuity
  124. fatigue with heaviness and a foggy head
    dampness and phlegm
  125. fatigue with a tense, anxious, wiry pulse
    liver qi stagnation
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