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  1. ´╗┐normal coat
    white, thin and moist
  2. pale + thin, white, moist
    wind cold
  3. red+ thin, white, dry
    wind heat
  4. white, wet, greasy
    cold damp
  5. thick, dry, white
    excessive heat (white + ...)
  6. thin coat
    def coat
  7. thick coat
    excess coat
  8. white coat-disease stage
    early, mild, recovering- good prognosis. superficial (flu, cold), local, functional disorder (without organ disease), fluid retention (edema, pulmonary heart disease, chronic nephritis)
  9. yellow
    HEAT, damp heat, phlegm heat, (zheng qi still exists), superficial->int
  10. thin, yellow
    superficial heat
  11. thick, yellow
    int heat
  12. yellow coat diseases
    infectious/inflammatory, digestive disorders
  13. black (2 types)
    extreme heat/ cold
  14. black 1
    extreme heat, toxin accumulation, infectious disease (fever), digestive disease/ infection
  15. black 2
    extreme cold, KD yang def, sev condition in fatal stage
  16. coating progression with disease
    thin white-> thick white-> yellow-> black 1-> black 2
  17. false (rare)
    YIN + FLUID DEF, after eating coloured food,
  18. false + easy to peel
    mild, early stage of disease (false +...)
  19. false + thick
    chronic disease/ deterriorating condition (false + ...)
  20. peeled coating
    YIN DEF, allergies (chronic skin), vit def/ malnutrition/ parasites, liver cirrhosis, tumor, cancer, acute meningitis
  21. moist
  22. dry
    heat, yin def
  23. curd-like
    food stagnation, damp heat, damp and phlegm retention
  24. greasy
    damp, phlegm (cough) and food stag
  25. mouldy
    general weakness, poor immunity, flora imbalance, excessive use of steroids/ immunsupressants/ antibiotics
  26. coating progression with disease
    thin white-> thick white-> yellow-> black 1-> black 2
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