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  1. ´╗┐Key symptoms of KD Yin deficiency are?
    Soreness/weakness of lumbar region/knees, Bone aches, dizziness/deaf/tinnitus
  2. Night sweat, dry Mouth/Throat
  3. Tongue of KD yin deficiency
    Red, scanty or no coating
  4. Formula for KD Yin deficiency is?
    Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
  5. (six ingredients pill with rehmannia)
  6. Tongue of Yang deficiency
    Pale, wet, swollen
  7. Key symptoms of KD yang defiency?
    Cold limbs, spermatorrhea/premature ejaculation, infertility in women, ABUNDANT clear urination, pitting edema
  8. PALE SWOLLEN WET white tongue
  9. DEEP weak pulse
  10. Treatment principles of KD yang deficiency
    Tonify & warm KD, strengthen Mingmen (KD 4) fire
  11. What is the formula for KD yang deficiency?
    Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
  12. Key symptoms of KD essence deficiency in adults?
    weakness of knee, softening of bones, loose teeth, premature falling of hair/gray hair, sexual dysfunction
  13. Key symptoms of KD essence deficiency in children?
    poor bone development, late closure of fontanelle, retardation, deafness
  14. Key symptoms of KD Qi not firm?
    weakness of knee/lumbar region, DRIBBLING after urination, CHRONIC PROFUSE clear leukorrhea, miscarriage
  15. in KD QI not firming, the formula to use for nocturnal emission is?
    Jin Suo Gu Jin Wan
  16. (Metal lock pill to stabilize the essence)
  17. In KD QI not firming, the formula to use for frequent urination is?
    Sang Piao Xiao San
  18. (Mantis egg case powder)
  19. key symptoms of KD failing to receive qi (deficiency of LU & KD Qi)
    knee weakness, SOB on EXERTION, difficulty INHALING, CLEAR Urination during asthma attack
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