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  1. Discharge Pressure Relief Valve Def:
    Handles sudden changes of discharge pressure by re-routing to the intake side of the pump.
  2. Discharge Relief features
    • Operating pressure range of 75-300 PSI
    • Greater than 300 PSI needs to be set OFF
    • In OFF position when not in use
    • Exercise and reset weekly or after use to 150 PSI
  3. Discharge Relief Reset Procedures
    • Valve OFF
    • Open discharge(s)
    • Raise engine to discharge pressure
    • Turn valve to ON
    • Turn T valve counter clockwise until valve opens (Amber)
    • Then turn T valve clockwise until valve closes (Green)

    When no longer needed reduce RPM to close valve and then reset to 150.
  4. Pressure Sensor Governor (PSG)
    • Not a true relief valve.
    • Reduces engine RPM to reduce pressure
  5. Intake Relief Valves (Dump Valves)
    Externally mounted- set to 100 PSI to protect against water hammer from intake, protects hose and from cavitation

    Factory installed- pre-plummed and dumps to ground
  6. Intake Relief Valve setting
    • Shall be set every 30 days or after pumping
    • Charge and intake line from hydrant
    • Open intake
    • Back off lock nut until water flows
    • Slowly tighten until water stops flowing, then 1/4-1/2 farther
    • Tighten the lock nut.
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