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  1. A Vertebrae with characteristics of more than one major divsion of the spine is called?
    A transitional vertebra
  2. Herniation of the meninges in the lumbar or cervical region is known as a ?
  3. An inherited disorder of connective tissue characterized by muliple fractures is ?
    Osteopgenesis imperfecta
  4. This disease begins as an inflammation of the synovial membrane causing synovial proliferation, this disorder is called
    Rheumatoid arthritis
  5. The most common form of degenerative arthritis that has osteophyte development is
  6. This disorder begins as a bone abscess that travels through the medullary cavity and outward to lift the periosteum,it is know as?
  7. Osteomyelitis is correctly charcterized as ?
    • The result of bacteria
    • Pyogenic
    • A postoperative complication
  8. A disease process usually caused by accelerated bone resorption results in ?
  9. An insufficient mineralization of the adult skeleton appering as a loss of bone density is?
  10. Body wieght on weight bearing long bones may bend or bow as a result of softened bones in cases of ?
  11. Blood levels with an increased uric acid leading to deposits of crystals in the joints and cartilage is >
  12. In paget's disease the beginning phase involes bone?
  13. The most common intial site of paget's disease is the?
  14. Proliferation of fibrous tissue in the medullary cavity is ?
    Fibrous dysplasia
  15. A pattern of lytic and scierotic new bone growth with a flattening of the femoral head associated with periosteal new bone is suggestive of ?
    Ischemic necrosis
  16. A true osteochondroma grows laterally from the epiphysis and?
    Must exhibit a cortex and medullary portion
  17. Malignant bone lesions cause soft tissue swelling and
    Cortical bone erosion causing a poorly defined margin
  18. A classic sunburst pattern of bony spicules that extend in a radiation fashion is a characteristic radiographic appearence of ?
    Ostegencic sarcomas
  19. Discontinuity of two or more fragments is considered a ?
    Complete fracture
  20. The classic radiographic appearence of multiple punched out osteolytic lesions scattered throughout the skeletal system is suggestive of
    Multiple myeloma
  21. A fracture resulting from a weakness in the bone caused by a tumor or infection known as what type of fracture?
  22. Healing of fracture fragments in a faulty position is ?
  23. Suspected nonaccidental trauma is another name for?
    Battered child syndrome
  24. A fracture usaually caused by falling on an outstretched hand resulting in posterior displacement of distal fragment of the radius is a ?
    Colles' fracture
  25. A fracture of the arch of C2 anterior facet usually associated with anterior subluxation of C2 and C3 is known as a ?
    Hangman's fracture
  26. Forward displacement of one vertebra on the other resulting in back pain caused by cleft in the pairs interarticularis is?
  27. Approximately 45 to the long axis of the bone?
  28. Compaction of bone resulting in decreased length or width?
  29. Fracture exisits without angulation or separation
  30. More than two fragments
  31. Repeated stresses causing a bone response
  32. At a right angle to the long axis of the bone
  33. Encircles the bone shaft
  34. Loss of contact with normal articulation
  35. Partical loss of of joint continuitly
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