Top 20 GRE words

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  1. Advocate
    to speak in favor of
  2. Antipathy
    extreme dislike
  3. Bolster
    to support; prop up
  4. Cacophony
    harsh, jarring noise
  5. Deride
    to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock
  6. Dissonance
    a harsh and disagreeable combination, especially of sounds
  7. Enervate
    to reduce in strength
  8. Eulogy
    speech in praise of someone
  9. Garrulous
    tending to talk a lot
  10. Ingenuous
    showing innocence or childlike simplicity
  11. Lethargic
    acting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner
  12. Malleable
    capable of being shaped
  13. Misanthrope
    a person who dislikes others
  14. Obdurate
    hardening in feeling; resistant to persuasion
  15. Ostentation
    excessive showiness
  16. Paradox
    a contradiction or dilemma
  17. Philanthropy
    charity; a desire or effort to promote goodness
  18. Prevaricate
    to lie or deviate from the truth
  19. Venerate
    to respect deeply
  20. Waver
    to fluctuate between choices

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Top 20 GRE words
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Top 20 GRE words
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