English- Inferno

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  1. Is work with two levels of meaning- a literal one and symbolic one. Most of the characters, objects, and events stand for abstract qualities?
  2. Literally means counter step?
  3. A man had to dedicate his life to his lady, whom he idealized in word and deed?
    Courtly love
  4. What situation does the first stanza describe?
    He is lost in the wood and he is tired and is just wondering around
  5. What caused the character to abandon the straight road for the dark woods?
    That animals were standing in his way
  6. What sight arouses his hope?
    The sun which represents god and heaven
  7. What words convey the wood's threating qualities?
    Death, terror
  8. What does the lion, leopard, wolf represent?
    • Fear
    • Lust
    • Greedy
  9. What words in the inscription suggest that hell is an organized structure?
    It has levels that place in a circle of hell depending on the crime
  10. In lines 12-15, what does Virgil insist that Dante needs?
    He will behold the wrethed souls who've lost the good of intellect
  11. Why are some souls caught just outside of hell?
    They weren't evil but did not believe in god
  12. What sensory images does Dante use to emphasize the horror in the scene?
    Smell, touch, sound
  13. What famous lovers are in this level 5?
    Paolo and Francesca
  14. In ehat does thier punishment math thier sin 5?
    They are being blown around so they cant touch each other
  15. How does Dante respond to Paolo and Francesca?
    He feels bad for them
  16. Why is love a form of suffering?
    You can lose the other person
  17. What does love cause one to do?
  18. What does Dante physically feel as he makes his way into the last level?
    It is cold, heavy mist, nigh darkened
  19. What does he see as he enters the last level of hell?
    Different poision people are in under the ice
  20. What does Virgil tell Dante he must arm himslef with as he looks upon Dis?
    Quality of fortitude
  21. What three peole in mouth of Dis?
    • Judas
    • Brutus
    • Cassius
  22. What is the mood/ imagery of the last level in hell?
    • Great fear
    • Darkest pit
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