AP American: key terms

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  1. Stamp Act 1765
    tax on every printed document
  2. Declaratory Act 1766
    • passed by parliment in response to repeal of stamp act
    • asserted parliments power over colonies
  3. Tea Act, 1773
    • britain could export tea to America withough paying a tax on it
    • reduced price of tea for Americans
    • local merchants suffered
  4. Coercive Acts, 1774
    • closed boston port
    • reduced power of self-gov't
    • moved trials
    • quatering of soldiers
  5. Second Bank of the US, 1816
    state banks had to issue sound notes
  6. Tariff of Abominations, 1828
    new higher tariff on imported goods
  7. Wilmot Proviso, 1846
    • Bill to purchase peace with Mexico
    • Provision outlawing slavery in new territory so bill wasn't passed
  8. Homestead Act, 1862
    Land available for a very low price if settlers agreed to live on it for 5 years
  9. Thirteenth Amendment, 1865
    slavery abolished
  10. Fourteenth Amendment, 1868
    US born= citizen
  11. Fifteenth Amendment, 1870
    black suffrage
  12. Pendleton Civil Service Act, 1883
    civil service jobs filled by written examinations instead of patronage
  13. Dawes Severalty Act, 1887
    gradual elimination of most tribal ownership of land
  14. Interstate Commerse Act, 1887
    railroad rates regulation
  15. Sherman Antitrust Act, 1890
    • used againt unions
    • supposed to regulate trusts
  16. Treaty of Paris, 1763
    • end of Fench and Indian War
    • Britain got a ton of land
    • Quite unfortunate for Indians
  17. Treaty of Paris, 1783
    • End of Revolutionairy War
    • Favorable for the US
  18. Embargo Act, 1808
    • American ships prohibited from leaving to any foreign port
    • Passed by jefferson
  19. Treaty of Ghent, 1815
    • End of war of 1812
    • Little accomplished by treaty
  20. XYZ Affair, 1797
    • Americans arrive in France to negotiate with France about their stolen ships
    • French demand bibry and loans
  21. Marbury v Madison, 1803
    • Marbury= Adam's midnight appointment
    • Madison refused to give Marbury commision
    • Court rules: Marbury has right to commision, Court can't force Madison to give it to him
  22. McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819
    • Confirmed implied powers of Congress
    • Can't tax the national bank
  23. Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824
    • strengthened court's power to regulate interstate commerse
    • two companies fighting for right to ferry people across the Hudson
    • state of NY granted Fulton/Livingston (Ogden)
    • congress granted Gibbons
    • Gibbons won
  24. Reese v. United States, 1875
    • KT man refused a black man the right to vote
    • KT man won because election was local not federal
  25. Ex Parte Milligan, 1866
    military tribunals are unconstitutional when there are functioning civil courts
  26. Cruikshank v United States, 1875
    • KKK attacked black free men
    • 250 blacks killed, 3 whites killed
    • "Colfax Massacre"
    • Supreme Court set the KKK free because it was a case of individuals not gov't breaking the Enforcement Act
  27. Wabash v. Illinois, 1886
    ruled Granger law unconstitutional
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