Italy Renaissance

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  1. In the 1400 Florence was a republic ruled by ______
    The priors
  2. In the 1400's who influenced the government?
    Wealthy professionals: bankers and merchants
  3. who invented the modern day banking system
    the Florentines
  4. the word "Renaissance" refers to:
    the rebirth of ancient ideas and values
  5. The ideal Renaissance man was:
    • strong-willed
    • public-spirited
    • versatile
  6. _______ were patrons of the arts
    The Medicis
  7. ______ preached against wealth
  8. _________ was given power when Lorenzo de' Medici died
  9. who is "the Elder"
    Cosimo de'Medici
  10. Giovanni Caboto was important because:
    he explored the coast of present day Canada
  11. Who discovered the New World in 1492
    Christopher Columbus
  12. Italy's most creative artistic period
    The High Renaissance
  13. The High Renaissance began in
    early 1500's
  14. The "Last Supper" was created by this artist
    Leonardo da vinci
  15. The "Mona Lisa" was painted by the famous
    Leonardo Da Vinci
  16. 3 famous sculptures:
    the David
    the Moses
    the Pieta

    were created by this artist
  17. This versatile man designed the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
  18. Michelangelo had 3 discaplines:
    • sculptor
    • painter
    • architect
  19. The sculpture of David was created by this artist and is located in the city of?
    • Michelangelo
    • Florence
  20. Who was Michelangelo's mail rival?
  21. Raphael was famous for these 2 paintings
    • Vatican Rooms
    • School of Athens
  22. The leading architect of the early Renaissance
    Filippo Brunelleschi
  23. Filippo Brunelleschi built the highest acheivement of Renaissance architecture which was:
    The dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore Church in Florence
  24. Who modeled natural looking sculptures?
  25. This scultor made the largest bronze statue of a rider on a horse since Roman times
    What was it called?
    • Donatello
    • Gattemelata
  26. This painter was notable for his abilities in perspective
    Il Masaccio
  27. Sandro Botticelli is known for?
    • Painting of:
    • The Birth of Venus
    • Primavera
  28. Both of Sandro Botticelli's paintings are located at the _______________________
    Uffizi Gallery in Florence
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