4th step practical review

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  1. What is the minimum size and material type for a service mast?
    2" GRC
  2. UG line & load conductors shall enter & exit the same side of the socket.

    True or False?
  3. What is the maximum number of service risers per building?
    6 max, with a single set of conductors in each riser.
  4. Can load conductors exit through either end of horizontals, back or verticals?
    No, NOT the left!
  5. On lever bypass type housings, load conductors shall exit right or lower rear knockouts.

    True or False
  6. Can customer owned conduit be attached to our pole?
    No. Not more than 6" above final grade.
  7. How many feet of customer owned conductor must be coiled at the base of pole?
  8. How many secondary runs per phase on a 3 phase padmount transformer?
    • 8 runs per phase (24 total)
    • 750mil aluminum or 500mil copper
  9. How many days may closed loops be authorized?
    7 calendar days. (or temp meter must be installed)
  10. If we own/maintain the lateral, how many residential units can be grouped at one location?
    6 Max

    If house meter used, or more than 6 units, the customer owns/maintains lateral.
  11. What is the max amperage for self contained meters?
    400amps then CTs must be used.
  12. What is the max breaker size that can be used for a 200amp meter?
    250amp breaker
  13. What is the max breaker size for a 320amp meter?
  14. In what situation can we install a k-base meter?
    No longer allowed per BB.
  15. What metering rates does Xcel use
    • SG-Secondary General
    • C-Commercial
    • R-Residential
    • RD-Residential demand
    • PG- Primary General
  16. Are closed loops allowed on new services?
  17. Where must the high-leg be located in the meter housing?
    In breaker panel?

    Per NEC
    • In meter housing on the right.
    • In breaker panel in the center.
  18. What is the required size and material of slip sleeves?

    Who provides and installs them?
    18" in length (9" above & below ground)

    • 2 1/2" sched 40PVC or
    • 3" sched 80PVC
  19. How many services will be supplied to a building or other structure?
    Only one. Per NEC
  20. Are jumpers allowed on new services?
    No. Only rewires.
  21. What is the minimum depth of UG service laterals?
  22. Per Blue Book, can the center knockout (bottom) of the meter housing be used?
  23. Can knockouts on either side of horizontal or verticle surfaces be used for load conductors?
  24. UG temp ground rods will be installed by the customer, not less than 5' from the pedestal. True or False
  25. Can temporary services be attached to trailers or vehicles?
  26. Which of the following must be displayed on a temp?

    A. Voltage
    B. Amperage
    C. Meter size
    D. Service address
    D. Service address
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  27. What is the Max length of 4/0 conductor from the company pole to a temp?

    What is the vertical angle of the drop?
    • 70' max
    • Must be greater than a 45 degree angle.
  28. What is the minimum distance a OH temp can be from a company pole?
  29. UG temp supports shall be where in regards to the utility easement?
    Inside? or Outside?
  30. How far must UG temp supports be from a pedestal?
    • Pole type - 6' min
    • Brace type- 5' min
  31. What are the BB requirements for self-contained meter housings?
    • -Steel sockets (no aluminum except on multiple metering)
    • -5th terminal in 9:00 position connected with 16AWG wire min.
    • -7th terminal connected w/16AWG min
    • -Ringless cover, no screws
    • -Locking jaw bypass on the right side.
    • -Must accomodate a meter seal and padlock.
  32. What are the ID requirements on the following installations?
    Multiple Residential-
    Single residence-
    • -ID must be a brass, steel or aluminum tag attached to the non-removable portion of the meter socket
    • -Unit number must also be permanently marked on the breaker, and entrance to the premise
  33. What additional BB requirement does a 320amp meter socket have?
    Anti-inversion clip on top right terminal.
  34. When are horn-type sockets allowed?
    • On UG 200amp temp housings
    • On OH 100 or 200amp temp housings
  35. What is the required height and width of the following meter housings?
    • 200amp 19"h x 13"w
    • 320amp 26 1/2"h x 13"w
  36. What 3 additional requirements apply to multiple meter housings?
    • - Can be steel or aluminum
    • - Must have a permanent barrier to isolate the disconnect switch
    • - Each line-side compartment must accomodate a meter seal even if there is no meter present.
  37. What are 4 Metering Pedestal requirements?
    • -Furnished, installed and maintained by customer.
    • -Separate covers on disconnect switch, wiring area, and metering area
    • -If enclosed, must have a 8"x8" lexan viewing area
    • -Door hinged on right or left. (can be top-hinged with prior approval if it can be propped open with a locking mechanism)
  38. Which of the following structures can meters be attached to?
    Mobile homes, construction trailers, fences, manufactured homes.
    Only to manufacured homes if on a permanent foundation.
  39. Meters must be located adjacent to and within line of site of the mobile structure it serves (mobile homes, construction trailers, etc)

    True or False
  40. What considerations must be taken into account for determining meter locations?
    • -May not interfere with sidewalks, driveways or passageways
    • -Can't obstruct doors or windows
    • -Can be hazardous or impracticle
  41. What are the mounting heights for the following?
    Single meters-
    Indoor multiple meters-
    Outdoor multiple meters-
    • Single meters- 4'min-6'max
    • Indoor multiple meters- 2'min-6.5'max
    • Outdoor multiple meters-3'min-6.5'max
  42. What are the clearances in front of meters?
    • 3', 3.5', or 4' deep per NEC
    • and 2.5' wide
  43. When are the following allowed?
    -Junction boxes?
    -Line & load conductors in the same raceway?
    • Junction boxes - with approval
    • LBs - with approval
    • Line & load conductors in the same raceway - never
  44. How many runs per single phase transformer?
    • -4 runs if greater than 350mil
    • -6 runs for residential (4 runs of 350 plus 2 runs of 4/0)
    • -8 runs if 4/0 or smaller
  45. What is the min depth for temp poles?

    OH pole circumference.
    • 4' OH
    • 24" UG
  46. What is the min distance a temp support brace can be from the point of attachment?
  47. Service equipment on temps must be supplied by the company.

    True or False?
    False. Customer supplies.
  48. Temp support stakes must be what depth?
    12" max
  49. What size must temp meter sockets be?
    11" min.
  50. What length conductor must be available for termination in an UG ped for a post type temp? (TM20)
  51. What is the min conductor size in a temp?
    min #6
  52. Do temps need to be cold sequenced?

    Why or why not?
    As a commercial unit, no need to be if it is one single phase meter, one loop, where the Fault Current is below 10,000 amps
  53. What is the size and length of liquitite required for temps?
    • Min 1", max 1-1/2" diameter
    • 12' long
  54. For OH temps, what is the required height from ground to point of delivery?
    12'min 16'max
  55. What size must temp braces be? (TM30)
    • 2"x4" min
    • extending 3' min from the base
  56. Where must the 5th terminal tickler be connected?
    Tied to N in meter housing. (Not to ground, as the ground may inadvertently get cut)

    Connect 5th terminal 1st, then tie to N to reduce chance of short by having grounded wire flailing around in housing.
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