Chapter 6 Excel

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  1. The __________ option allows you to rename a folder.
  2. To access the Rename option, use the _______ Button in the ________dialog box or right click and use the shortcut menu.
    Tools; Open
  3. You can define a style by using the _______ you have already applied to a cell.
  4. First you must select the cell and click the ________ ______ button in the Styles group on the Home Tab, and then click the ______ _____ _________ option.
    Cell Styles;New Cell Style
  5. When setting up a ______ ______ for storing your workbooks, you can create a _________, which is a folder within a folder.
    logical scheme; subfolder
  6. A small red triangle appears in the upper right corner of a cell that contains a __________
  7. If you delete a style from the ___ ______ gallery, formatting applied by the deleted style will be removed from all worksheets in the workbook.
    Cell Styles
  8. To display a list of worksheets forms formatted for a specifc purpose, you must click the _______, button then ___, then _______ _________
    Office;New;Installed Templates
  9. To copy a workbook into another folder without opening it first, use _____ and ____ options from the Open or Save as dialog box.
    Copy and Paste
  10. To apply a style, select the cell(s) to which the style will be applied, click the ______ _____ button in the Styles group and pick a style from the drop down gallery.
    Cell Styles
  11. A form preformatted for specific uses ( balnce sheets, sales, invoice and etc., that you can use when creating a new workbook is called a ______ _______
    template worksheet
  12. To delete a comment, highlight the cell containing the comment, press the _____ button in the Comments group on the_______ tab or right click then Delete Comment at the shortcut menu.
    Delete; Review
  13. Once a workbook has been deleted and sent to the ______ _____, it can be restored at the Windows desktop. After the Recycle Bin has been dumped, the data is ____.
    Recycle Bin;lost
  14. The ______ ____ dialog box allows you to copy styles from one workbook to another.
    Merge Styles
  15. The comment box appears when you ____ the mouse pointer over a cell that contains a comment.
  16. When saving your workbook in another format, click the ______-_______ ______ on the Save as type option in the ____ ___ dialog box or choose an option from the ______ button Save As side menu.
    down-pointing arrow; Save As;Office
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