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  1. 207-23
    When does NYPD record a missing?
    • Age 65 or more
    • Suicide possible
    • Age<18
    • Drown Victim
    • SHR-Senile,Handicap,retarded
    • Involuntary
    • MP-Mental/physical
  2. 207-07 IO1s05
    What is the organized Theft Task Force responsible to investigate?
    • Loss $5000 or more
    • Pattern involves more than 1 NYPD Pct
    • Where OTIDTTF is appropriate
  3. 207 Who conducts an investigation of an MOS making a CCRB complaint against another MOS?
    CO assigned by Chief of Department,IRS unless involves EEO then EEO assigns CO of offending MOS
  4. 207-29
    How does the PSA desk officer distribute field reports?
    • 1st copy to management during 2nd plt next business day
    • 2nd copy to UMOS
    • Original PSA of occurence
  5. 207 Where is a notation of the notification of vict of any sex offense given notice of nearest "Rape Crisis Center" placed?
    Dcetails of 61
  6. 207-30,31
    If a CCRB is recieved and given a COD# where is the paperwork (no photo) forwarded to?
    Chief of Department, Investigative reveiw Section
  7. 207-01
    According to the 7 majors rule what is an "Atttempted Murder" counted as?
    Felony Assault
  8. 207-19
    Who does DO notify for theft from Department locker?
    • CO /Duty Captain and
    • IAB
  9. 207-25
    Who notifies special fruads squad for an elderly victim of financial exploitation?
    Assigned MOS
  10. 207 Where does a copy of 61 go when it doe snto get an OCCB # for found narcotics in a building? Arrest for narcotics?
    • a) Found: Narcotics District
    • b) Arrest: Bureau (OCCB ISD)
  11. 207-02
    How do you indicate more than 1 arrest was made for the same incident on theOLBS worksheet when no 61 is required?
    Enter letter "C" and "C-1","C-2" for each subsequant arrest
  12. 207-10
    What must be done before classifying an incident as "possible bias" when it involves a public official?
    confer with Intell Division
  13. 207-01
    Where is a complaint recorded when there is a continuous event that does not involve homicide, rape 1, or sodomy1?
    Where is started if known
  14. 207-20 After hours who do you notify instead of the computer crime squad?
    Chief of Detectives
  15. 207-01
    When will a seperate complaint report be prepared for the same incident?
    • A SHAMP
    • Each victim of
    • Sex Offense
    • Homicide Victim
    • Assault Victim (except incidental to sex offense or robbery)
    • MVA (SILD or killed)
    • Perp Killed
    • Arson each person injured
  16. 207
    How can a UMOS obtain investigatory info from the parking violation Bureau?
    2 copies of official letterhead to CO Investigative reveiw Section through MOS"s CO
  17. 207-30,31
    When does a member receiving a CCRB have to notify investigating supervisor?
    • 1)When no ID on MOS
    • or
    • 2)COD# and complaintent is transient or homeless
  18. 207
    What is the first step for the DO precinct of occurence and DO precinct of residence for a missing?
    Check precinct records
  19. 207-12
    Who notifies the Intel Division when a complainant reports lost/stolen passport, alien registration nor naturalization papers?
    The squad
  20. 207-07
    When do you refer 61 to Detective Squad?
    • MO unique/unusual
    • Burglary (person present/property >$5000 or>$10000 in Manhattan) or (Gun or safe involved)
    • Robbery and Gun (Deadly Instr used or vict >60)
    • Impersonate Law Enforcement
    • Common Interest
    • Known Perp
    • SPI
    • ID
    • Pattern
  21. 207-01
    If the location of a rape 1 or sodomy 1 is unknown and the location of all other associated offenses are unknown where will the complaint be recorded?
    precinct where the complaintant reports the incident
  22. 207,208-02,210-5
    Where does interpreter's name/date/time/results go when a) taking a 61? b) during arrest processing?, c) for bedside arraignment?
    • a)Details section of 61
    • b) Command Log
    • c) DO puts on bedside arraignment worksheet
  23. 207 IO 36s04
    If an MOS responds to a report of a missing child that may qualify for an amber alert who should they request the response of?
    P/S and Precinct Detective Squad Supervisor
  24. 207-09
    Where does DO or Squad Boss send (without staples) follow-up blue and follow-up informational pink?
    • Blue-Data Integrity unit
    • Pink-Criminal records Section
  25. AG 308-05
    How does a designated supervisor attest to accuracy and completeness of a radio run audit?
    Enter rank, name, signature and shield on nlower right corner of "SPRINT Incident report Analysis"
  26. 207-16
    What do we classify an overdue rental vehicle with fraud involved? without fraud?
    • Fraud: GLA closed
    • No Fraud: Investigate as Unauthorized Use open
  27. 207
    How is the supervisor reveiwing the civilian complaint report determined?
    At least 1 rank higher than perparer
  28. 207-7 When do you notify SVU?
    • child <13 vict of sex crime or attempt
    • child <11 victim of child abuse by parent
    • victim Rape + attempt, Sodomy + attemot, Aggrevated Sex
    • 1 Sex Abuse
  29. 207-01
    For taxi cab robberies or atempts what should be entered in the "offenses" caption? What notations should be entered under "Details"?
    • 1) Under offenses: Robbery/medallion or Robbery/Non Medallion
    • 2)Details: wether or not taxi was equipped with a partition, any safety devices installed, and location passenger was picked up
  30. 207-01
    What is the order for 7 major Felony rule?
    • Murder and non megligent mansluaghter
    • Forcible Rape/Rape1
    • Robbery
    • Fel Assault
    • Burglary
    • Grand Larceny
    • GLA
  31. 207-15
    What is considered a gross deviation for an overdue rental vehicle?
    • Rented for 15 days or less
    • intentionally retained for 7 days after contract expired and possession continues for 2 days after notification
  32. 207
    Where does CO,Crime Prevention PO and Detective send 49 for non bias cases and for bias?
    • Non Bias
    • CO:Chief of Det, Hate Crime TF
    • Crime Prev PO:CO Hate Crime TF(only if religious/sensitive loc)
    • Det:Chief of Det and Hate Crime TF

    • BIAS
    • CO: Chief of DEt, Hate Crime TF
    • Crim Prev PO:CO Hate Crime TF
    • Det: CO Hate Crime TF
  33. 207-01
    If there are more then 1 offense reported and none are of the 7 major felonies, and they are of the same category, classification, and degree what do you sort by?
    Penal Law Article and Section
  34. 207-02
    What arrests are not recorded on a complaint report?
    • Arrest of: civil, other authority, warrants
    • pick up arrests for PATTDPILL
    • Parks reg
    • Admin/healthcode
    • Trespass V and 3
    • TOS
    • Discon
    • Pros
    • Intox in Public
    • Loitering for Pros
    • Loitering except gambling
  35. 207-23
    When do we search for a missing?
    • age <16
    • unique or unusual
    • age 65 or more
    • senile/retarded/handicap
    • Involuntary/unaccountable and not capable of self care
    • mental/physical and may need hospitalization
    • possible drowning
  36. 207
    What is the 1st step for a UMOS when a missing is 65 or more, less than 10, senile/disabled missing from hospital or institution?
    Search Building 1st
  37. 207-03
    When should a complaint be voided?
    • a)duplicate
    • b)occured in confines of other pct
    • c)occured outside NYC
    • d)complaint report prepared for complaint which should have been recorded in another manner
  38. 207
    When are active cases refered to special victims?
    • Child <13 yo victim of any sex crime or attempt
    • <11 victim child abuse by parent/guardian
    • Any Rape + attempt, sodomy + attempt, aggrevated sex (no attempt), Any victim of Sex Abuse 1
  39. 207-17
    Who must DO notify
    when a UMOS comes into possession of an unlawfully possessed weapon?
    Joint Terrorist TF and possibly operations depending on weapon
  40. 207
    Where does a search for a missing start?
    Whre missing was last scene
  41. 207-01
    What are the time limits for finalizing a complaint report?
    24 hrs
  42. 207-28
    How do you determine the reporting agency code?
    Who took the 61
  43. 207-30,31 Whend do you ask complaintant to stay when they are filing a CCRB?
    • 1)CCRB requests
    • or
    • 2)When complaintant is given a COD# and a complaintant is transient or homeless
  44. 207-01 If the location of a rape 1 or sodomy 1 is known and occured in more than 1 precinct where will the complaintant be recorded?
    Where the initial rape or sodomy occured
  45. 07-02
    Who motified when there is an allegation of corruption and/or serious misconduct against any federal, state, or city employee other than a MOS?
    • CO if not present highest ranking supervisor
    • AND
    • IAB
  46. 207
    For CCRB's , what is done in lieu of a command log entry if the command does not maintain a command log?
    UF49 to CO
  47. 207
    What missings do we search for but do not call the Capt for?
    • possible drowning victim
    • or
    • Unaccountable/Involuntary
  48. 207
    Where is the CCRB package forward to if the complaint is made in person or by phone against a MOS assigned to the reporting command? (With CCRB #)
    forward to CO
  49. 207
    Where does the Investigative Supervisor record the results of their investigation regarding CCRB?
    Command Log and Statistical summary worksheet
  50. 207-30,31
    If a CCRB is received and given a CCRB# Where is the paperwork forwarded to?
    IAB CCRB Liason
  51. 207-02
    When do you make a 61 instead of a juvenile report for complaint of Juv Del?
    3 Gun, 4 Fools, 5 Sex, 5SBEED
  52. 207-06
    When a MOS other then Det Burea, IAB, and OCCB requires the assistance of the INS in connection with a crimeinal Investigation who do they notify?
    • Intell Division
    • 24/7
  53. 207-26
    When a person asks how to sureender a dangerous weapon to whom does the UMOS direct the person to write a "notice of intent to"?
    CO Resident Precinct
  54. 207
    If missing used public transport such as a train or bus who must the MOS reponsible for the search notify?
    • Train: Transit Bureau
    • Bus: Traffic Control
  55. 207
    What must we advise a complainant of 1 missing license plate to do?
    Contact the precinct after the plate is turned in for transmission of an alarm
  56. 207
    Where should the info relating to Alzheimers Safe Return program go in regards to a missing?
    Remarks section of missing persons report
  57. IO5.17
    What computer terminal must the SOL ensure that a UMOS have access to , to transfer digital graffiti photos?
    DVO computer
  58. 207-06
    For complaints of private carting industry wholesale market and casino boats who will DO notify during after hours?(M-F 1000x1800 normal hrs)
    OCCB Feild Ops Desk
  59. 207-07
    Who notifies SOD and faxes 61 for cab/truck driver robbery + attempt or homicide + attempt?
  60. 207-19
    Where does CO/DUty Capt send 49's for theft from Department locker or attempts?
    • 2 to Bureau Chief
    • 1 to IAB
  61. 207-19
    Where does CO/Duty Capt do the missing search?
    Missing <10 yrs old AND platoon commander not available
  62. Who gets missing persons # at completion of search?
    Search Director
  63. When should command clerk not fax missing report to MPS?
    0700-0800 and 1500-1600 hrs
  64. IO21s07
    Who makes notification to NYC Department of the Aging of person 60 yrs of age and older who were reported missing the previous calendar day?
    • 207
    • Where are out of town complainants of lost property referred to?

    SPIS no 61
  65. 207-01
    When does Harbor investigate a complaint?
    When on islands and waterways inaccessible to patrol
  66. 207-02IO5s08
    What is definition of PINS?
    Male or Female < 18 yrs old
  67. 207-10
    What must a bias motivated incident be?
    an offense or unlawful act
  68. 207-10
    When should CO /Duty Capt notify Intell in regards to bias incident?
    if public official was involved
  69. 207-10
    When will CO/Duty Capt respond regarding bias?
    At request of Patrol Supervisor or Capt or above from other agency
  70. 207-10
    Where does CO/Duty Capt get bias log # from for non bias incidents?
    Hate Crimes Task Force
  71. 207-06 Who does DO notify direct upon receipt of a complaint?
    • 1) MAN Child <18 (NYS Child Abuse & Maltreatment Register)
    • 2)Impersonating PO-IAB Command Center
    • 3)Private carting Industry, city business integrity owned wholesale markets and casino
  72. 207-06 Who does DO notify direct upon receipt of a complaint?
    • 1) MAN child <18- NYS child abuse and maltreatment register
    • 2)Impersonating PO-IAB command center
    • 3)Private carting industry-City business integrity owned wholesale markets and casino boats from NYC- Business Integrity Commission via OCCB Field Ops Desk
  73. 207-06 Who notify IAB command center for Police Impersonating? Robbery with Police Impersonation?
    • 1)Impersonation-DO
    • 2)Robbery with Police Impersonation-UMOS
  74. 207-07 Refer a complaint to Detective Squad for further investigation?
    • MO unique and unusual MO
    • Burglary (person present, property taken $5000 or $1000 in Mnahattan, gun/safe involved)
    • Robbery & Gun/DI used or vict 60yrs or more (call BRAM instead if you have)
    • Impersonation of Law Enforcement-call IAB get log #
    • Community Interest
    • Known Perp
    • SPI
    • ID Theft
    • Pattern
    • * Other deemed by competant authority
  75. IO 1s05 When is Org TheftID Theft TF responsible to investigate?
    • 1)Loss valued @ $5,000 or more
    • 2)Pattern involving >1 NYPD Pct
    • 3)Where expertise/equipment/resources of OTIDTTF are most appropriate
  76. 212-4
    When do you notify CSU
    • Assault Likely and DI
    • Robbery Firearm caused Injury
    • Burglary Safe forced circumvented alarm
  77. 207-07 When does UMOS refer active cases either thru DO or directly from scene to SVU?
    • Child <13 vict of any sex crime or att
    • Child<11 vict of child abuse by parent or guardian
    • Any vict of Rape or att, Crim Sex Act or Att, Aggravated Sex Abuse, or 1 Deg Sex Abuse
  78. When does UMOS refer active cases either through DO or direct from scene to NYC Joint Robbery T/F?
    Actually Armed Bank Robberies
  79. When does UMOS refer active cases either through DO or direct from scene to Major Case?
    3 Burg-Bank or Bank safe, Commercial and value stolen < $100,000, Trucks contents >$100,000

    3 Robberies-Unarmed Bank Robberies + att, Hijack of truck and its contents Depot/warehouse of Truck or its contents

    2 Larcenies-Bank Extortion (+att Truck contents >$100,000)
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