KIN 2509 Ch 1

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  1. pre-
  2. basic components of words
    • word root
    • suffix
    • combining form
    • prefix
  3. combining form
  4. combining vowel(s)
    o and i
  5. post-
  6. compound word
    contains two or more word roots
  7. Origin of most medical words
    Greek and Latin languages
  8. location of prefixes
    beginning of a word
  9. location of suffixes
    end of a word
  10. word roots
    • foundation of words
    • Examples: cardi, arthr
  11. tonsillitis
    inflammation (of) tonsils
  12. tonsillectomy
    excision (of) tonsils
  13. colitis
    inflammation (of the) colon
  14. colectomy
    excision (of the) colon
  15. -itis
  16. -ectomy
    excision, removal
  17. tonsill
  18. col
  19. mast
  20. prenatal
    pertaining to (the period) before birth
  21. postnatal
    pertaining to (the period) after birth
  22. nat
  23. -al
    pertaining to, relating to
  24. arthr/o
  25. gastr/o
  26. nephr/o
  27. neur/o
  28. oste/o
  29. osteoarthritis
    inflammation of bone and joint
  30. gastroenteritis
    inflammation of the stomach and intestines (usually small)
  31. enter/o
    intestine, usually small
  32. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture of a joint
  33. gastropathy
    disease of the stomach
  34. arthritis
    inflammation of the joints
  35. gastrectomy
    excision of the stomach
  36. -centesis
  37. -pathy
  38. appendectomy
    excision of the appendix
  39. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  40. append
  41. colon/o
  42. -scope
    instrument to view or examine
  43. colonoscope
    instrument for examining the colon
  44. gastroscope
    instrument (endoscope) for examining the interior of the stomach
  45. gastroenterocolitis
    inflammation of the stomach, intestine (usually small), and colon
  46. arthropathy
    disease of the joints
  47. Building Medical Words Rules
    • 1. A word root is used before a suffix that begins with a vowel
    • 2. A combining form is used before a suffix that begins with a consonant
    • 3. A combining form can be used to link multiple roots even when the root begins with a vowel
  48. macron
  49. breve
  50. c and g pronunciation
    • hard sound before other letters
    • Examples: cardiac, cast, gastric, gonad
  51. pronunciation of pn in the middle of a word
  52. pronunciation of pn at the beginning of a word
    • pronounced only with the sound of n
    • Examples: pneumonia, pneumotoxin
  53. pronunciation of ps at the beginning of a word
    • pronounced only with the sound of s
    • Examples: psychology, psychosis
  54. pronunciation of combined ch
    • sometimes pronounced like k
    • Examples: cholesterol, cholera
  55. pronunciation of i at the end of a word (to form a plural)
    • pronounced like eye
    • Examples: bronchi, fungi, nuclei
  56. pronunciation of ae or oe
    • only the first vowel is pronounced
    • Examples: bursae, pleurae, roentgen
  57. pronunciation of e and es as the final letter(s) of a word
    • often pronounced as separate syllables
    • Examples: syncope, systole, appendices
  58. Rules for forming plurals
  59. mastectomy
    excision of a breast
  60. osteomalacia
    softening of the bone
  61. -malacia
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