chapter 19

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  1. When you have the right mixture in your spray tank, can you still apply the wrong amount of pesticides?
    Yes. Noncalibrated application equipment will apply the pesticide at an unknow rate. Unless calibrated, it could be under or over applying the pesticide.
  2. What is the delivery rate?
    Delivery rate is the total amount of pesticide delivered on the target over a period of time.
  3. Why is an air blast sprayer difficult to calibrate?
    Nozzle orientation, high volume, and pressure of the air blast sprayer makes it difficult to catch the nozzle output.
  4. Once your sprayer is calibrated, does it always remain the same or should you recheck it often?
    It must be rechecked often. Nozzles can wear or become plugged, thus changing the delivery rate.
  5. If your sprayer is delivering less spray to each acre then you want it to, how would you usually change the rate?
    Change the pump pressure, speed, or nozzles.
  6. What must you measure to calibrate granular application equipment?
    You must measure the amount of granules spread over a know area.
  7. Must you calibrate granular application equipment each time you change granules? Why?
    Yes, because each granule flows differently
  8. What facts must you know for the "Finding gallons per acre known area method" method of sprayer calibration?
    The number of square feet in an acre, the speed of your sprayer, the width of your spray boom, and the delivery rate of your sprayer.
  9. A 10ft sprayer with six nozzles on 20 inch centers is used to apply herbicides on a golf course fairway. At the desired speed setting, the sprayer travelled across a 204ft. course in 40 seconds. How is the application rate calculated using this information?
    Catch the spray from one nozzle in a container for 40 seconds( time it takes to travel speed course). The ounces of water collected represents the application rate in gallons per acre.
  10. Thiry-two ounces of water was collected from one spray nozzle in 30 seconds. What is the nozzle delivery rate in gallons per min.(GPM)
    • 32 ounces (wet) 1 gallon 60 seconds
    • _______________ x _____________ x _________ =
    • 30 seconds 128 ounces 1 min

    0.5 GPM
  11. Are speedometers accurate enough to be used in calibrating pesticide equipment?
    No. Wheel slippage and variations in tire size often make speedometers inaccurate.
  12. Explain how speed can be measured using an 88ft course.
    From a running start, record the time it takes to drive 88ft. Divide the number of seconds recorded into 60 and you have calculated the miles per hour.
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