Strength and Conditioning

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  1. Macrostructure and Microstructure
    Each skeletal muscle is an organ that contains muscle tissue, or epimysium, covers the body's more than 430 skeletal muscles.
  2. Describe the Macro Structure of the muscle
    epimysiym (the outer layer) fibrous connective tissue and is continuous with the tendons at the ends of the muscle.

    Muscle fibers are muscle cells. They are long and hair like and have many nulcei situated on teh periphery of the cell.

    Under the epimysium the mucle fibers are groupled in bundles known as fasciculi and surrounded by connective tissue called Perimysium.

    Endomysium (surrounding individual fibers)
  3. The discharge of an action potential from a motor nerve signals the
    • release of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum into the myofibril,
    • causing tension development in muscle.
  4. Describe the Microstructure of the muscle
    Myosin (thick) and Actin (thin) filaments give skeletal muscle its striated appearance.
  5. Sliding Filiment Theory of Muscular Contraction
  6. Describe different morphological and physicological characteristics of different muscle fiber types and predict their relative involvement in different sport events
  7. Describe the anatomical and physicological characteristics of the cardiovascular system
  8. Describe the anatomical and physicological characteristics of the respiratory system
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