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  1. The Definite Article
    The definite article (the) in Romanian is attached to the end of the noun.
    Unlike English, which has only one definite article “the", Romanian has 4 definite articles:
    ?, ? (masculine/neuter singular)
    ?, ? (feminine singular)
    ? (masculine plural)
    ? (feminine/neuter plural)
    • Articolul hotărât:
    • -ul, -le (masculine/neuter singular)
    • -ia, -ua (feminine singular)
    • -i (masculine plural)
    • -le (feminine/neuter plural)

    • Note: For masculine and neuter nouns, the article is simply added to the end of the word. In everyday speech, the 'l' is often left unpronounced. For instance, bărbatul (the man) would be pronounced bărbatu.
    • Note: For feminine nouns, the last letter changes to a. In the genitive, "i" is added to the plural form of the noun.
  2. 1. -ul (masculine/neuter singular)
    a. Added after a (?) or (?).
    b. Om (man) becomes what?.
    c. Unchi (uncle) becomes what?
    d. Student becomes what?
    • a. (Consonant) or (i)
    • b. Omul (The man)
    • c. Unchiul (The uncle)
    • d. Studentul
  3. 2. -l (masculine/neuter singular)
    a. Added after a (?).
    b. Tablou (painting) becomes what?
    • a. (u)
    • b. Tabloul (The painting)
  4. 3. -le (masculine/neuter singular)
    a. Added after a (?).
    b. Câine (dog) becomes what?
    • a. (e)
    • b. Câinele. (The dog)
  5. 3. -i (masculine plurals)
    a. Added after a (?).
    b. Câini (dogs) becomes what?
    • a. (i)
    • b. Câinii. (The dogs)
  6. There are several masculine nouns designating male persons that end in -ă. These nouns take the article -a, like the feminine nouns:
    1. Tată (father) becomes what?
    1. Tata (The father)
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