SWA II: Italy in the 14th century Pt.1 Vocab

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  1. What was the 14th century?

    NOT 1400-1499
  2. Renaissance definition
  3. Humanism
    In the Renaissance an emphasis on education and on expanding knowledge (especially classical antiquity) the exploration of individual potential and a desire to excel, and a commitment to civic responsibility and moral dut
  4. Relief Sculpture
    Figures projecting from the background of which they are part. The degree of relief is designated high, low (bas), or sunken. In sunken the artist cuts the design into the surface so that the highest projecting part of the image are no higher than the surface itself
  5. Gold Leaf
    Gold beaten into tissue-paper-thin sheets that can be applied to surfaces
  6. Illusionism
    The representation of the three demensional world on a two dimensional surface in a manner that creates the illusion that the person, object, or place represented is three dimensional
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Italy in the 14th Century Pt. 1 Vocab
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