virus buzz words

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  1. gp 120/41
    HIV gp120-DCSIGN, then CD4
  2. parotitis, orchitis
  3. Ab-Ag compexes
    Parvo B19, rubella, Hep B, Dengue
  4. Demyelination
    JC (polyoma), PML, intranuc inclusions
  5. Croup
    HPIV 1 and 2
  6. ICAM-1
  7. Koplik's spots
  8. SSPE
  9. acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
    enterovirus 70
  10. aseptic meningitis
    mumps, echo, coxsackie, entero 71
  11. gastroenteritis
    rota, calici (Noro, Sapo), astro, adeno 40 and 41
  12. segmented RNA
    reo, bunya, orthomyxo
  13. Reye's
    aspirin to kids for flu, VZV
  14. SARS
    SARS-CoV, severe LRTI
  15. JAK/STAT
    antiviral signaling, blocked by RSV, measles, mumps, parainfluenza
  16. food poisoning, epidemic GE
  17. CXCR4 CCR5
    chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR5 (macrophage) HIV binds
  18. tegument
    herpes, regulatory, proteins
  19. villi atrophy, blunting
    rotavirus, enterocytes replaced with secretory cell
  20. winter
  21. HA and N on same protein
    mumps (very antigenic)
  22. parainfluenza
    1 and 2 not bad, 3 is bad
  23. measles
    rash goes face>trunk>limbs
  24. amantadine/rimantidine
    A only: M2 channel blocked (uncoating blocked), resistance
  25. Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza)
    A and B: block N (virion release)
  26. 8 segments
    influenza type B
  27. 7 segments
    influenza type C
  28. HA and N on different spikes
  29. NS1
    inhibits production of cellular interferon mRNA; influenza
  30. sialic acid
    what HA attaches to in order to enter cell
  31. M2 protein
    influenza; ion channel to acidify virus so it can uncoat in the host cell
  32. replication in nucleus
  33. cleaves sialic acid
  34. FluMist
    live vaccine; nasal spray, influenza
  35. spherical, corona of spikes
  36. translation into two polypeptides
  37. predisposition to otitis medis, sinusitis, worsens asthma
  38. hypoxia, pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome
  39. diffuse edema and hypoxia
    corona virus
  40. binds ACE-2 to disregulate fluid
  41. possesses H and cell fusing
    measles (rubeola)
  42. Koplik's spots
  43. maculo-papular rash
  44. subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
  45. worsened by Vitamin A deficiency
  46. blocks JAK/STAT of IFN pathway
    measles, HPIV, mumps
  47. glycoprotein and cell fusing proteins
  48. mutlinucleated giant cell formation
  49. palivizumab/synagis humanized monoclonal Ab to fusion protein
  50. virazole as rx
  51. HA and N on same spike
    HPIV, mumps
  52. hypoxia, cyanotic
  53. nebulizer as rx
    for croup; HPIV
  54. myalgia, anorexia, malaise
  55. parotitis
  56. aseptic meningitis
  57. orchitis/oophoritis
  58. pancreatitis
  59. myocarditis, pericarditis
  60. acid labile
  61. VP1-3 attaches to ICAM-1
  62. synthesized as one large polypeptide
  63. capsid w/ VP1-4 proteins
  64. transient viremia
  65. destruction motor neurons
  66. inactivates IF for cellular mRNA
  67. skin and mucous membranes
    group A coxsackievirus
  68. meninges, motor neurons
    group B coxsackievirus
  69. herpangia, aseptic meningitis, hand foot and mouth disease, cardiopathy, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
    group A coxsackie
  70. pleurodynia, myocarditis of newborn, hepatitis, aseptic meningitis, myocarditis/pericarditis in adults, insulin dependent diabetes
    group B coxsackie
  71. cleaves ELF-4
    coxsackie virus
  72. epidemic of non bacterial gastroenteritis
    norwalk virus
  73. cruise ships
    norwalk virus
  74. abdominal cramping, watery diarrhea
    norwalk virus
  75. can survive outside host
    norwalk virus
  76. dsRNA in 11 segments
    rotavirus (reoviridea)
  77. wheel with spokes
  78. icosahedral capsid with two layers
  79. attaches to beta adrenergic receptor
  80. NSP4
    from rotavirus; acts as enterotoxin and induces watery diarrhea or enters ENS via Ca dependent transepithelial secretion
  81. duodenum; blunted epithelial cells at tips of villi
  82. rotashield
    rotavirus; live vaccine
  83. rotateq
    rotavirus; live vaccine against 5 serotypes
  84. sapovirus
    human gastroenteritis; contaminated foods, self limiting
  85. ssRNA, star like
    astrovirus; human gastroenteritis
  86. heme oxygenase
    heme degradation to biliverdin
  87. biliverdin reductase
    biliverdin conversion to bilirubin
  88. pale stools, dark urine
    hepatitis (all of them)
  89. obstructive jaundice
    due to gallstones and inflammatory damage from viral hep
  90. alkaline phosphatase
    detects bile obstruction and infiltrative diseases of liver
  91. gamma glutamyl transpeptidase
    minor liver dysfunction; recent alcohol abuse
  92. incubation of 3-4 weeks
    Hep A
  93. Twinrix vaccine
    HAV + HBV, active
  94. partial ds circ DNA
  95. HBsAg
  96. DdDP packaged
  97. C gene
    core and E Ag
  98. X gene
    HBV; X protein; act viral RNA TC
  99. virons, spheres, filaments
    particles of HBV
  100. HBeAg
    HBV; from infected cells to blood, indicator of transmissibility
  101. Hepadnovirus
    only viruses to produce genomic DNA via rt w/mRNA as a template
  102. fecal oral hep
    HAV (non env)
  103. high incidence in Asia (hep)
    HBV; high incidence hepatocellular carcinomas
  104. Ag/Ab complexes
  105. 10-12 wk incubation
  106. Acute HBV test results
    • + HBsAg
    • -HBsAb
    • +HBcAb
  107. Window period HBV
    • -HBsAg
    • -HBsAb
    • +HBcAb
  108. complete recovery HBV test results
    • -HBsAg
    • +HBsAb
    • +HBcAb
  109. chronic carrier HBV test results
    • +HBsAg
    • -HBsAb
    • +HBcAb
  110. Pegasys
    HBV rx for chronic carriers, alpha IFN
  111. Lamivudine (Epivir)
    HBV rx, inhib rt of HIV and inhib DNA pol of HBV
  112. Adefovir (Hepsera)
    HBV rx, analog AMP, inhib DNA pol
  113. Entecavir (Baraclude)
    HBV rx, deoxyguanine analog, inhib DNA pol in HBV
  114. Telbivudine (Tyzeka)
    HBV rx, thymidine analgog, inhib DNA pol for HBV
  115. Recombivax vaccine
    HBsAg from recombinant DNA in yeasts
  116. HBIG
    high titer HBsAb, immediate, passive immunity to needlestick exposures
  117. hypervariable region in glycoproteins
  118. liver and HCV
    increased replication of the Flavivirus because liver specific miRNA
  119. IVDU hep
  120. Hep and p53
    HCV; blocks p53 synthesis...apoptosis hell!
  121. 8 wk incubation, hep
  122. cirrhosis of chronic HCV
    common indicator of liver transplantation
  123. cryoglobulinemia
    HCV Ag/Ab
  124. acute HCV rx
    alpha IFN
  125. chronic HCV rx
    pegasys + ribavirin
  126. HIV + HCV
    HAART administered
  127. Defective virus
    HDV; cannot replicate alone because cannot make its own env prot (uses HBV env prot)
  128. genome as ribozyme
  129. superinfected
    previously infected by HBV and then infected by HDV
  130. waterborne enteric hep
    HEV; common everywhere but Europe and US
  131. eye, respiratory, urinary, GI inflammatory diseases
  132. Fiber, Hexon, Penton
  133. attachment to cellular integrins
    adenovirus via fiber/HA
  134. self assembly in nucleus
    viral structural proteins of adenovirus
  135. E1A
    inhibits p53 and pRb; adenovirus
  136. adenovirus 3,4,7,21
    respiratory disease
  137. adenovirus 8,9
    epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (corneal opacities)
  138. adenovirus 11,21
    hemorrhagic cystitis
  139. adenovirus 40,41
    infant gastroenteritis
  140. adenoidal and tonsillar pathology
    latent adenovirus infection
  141. shell vial assay
    adenovirus lab technique
  142. monovalent, live vaccine
    adenovirus 4,7,21; military only, in enteric coated capsule to protect from GI degradation
  143. E1B and E3
    adenovirus, block CTL mediated apoptosis and expression of MHC 1
  144. E1A
    adenovirus, increases viral survival
  145. integrins on epithelial squamous cells via L1 viral capsid
  146. basal, undifferentiated cells of epidermis
    HPV early genes
  147. differentiated cells of dermis
    HPV late genes, mature virions
  148. E6 and E7
    HPV causes overexpression...cancer
  149. E2
    HPV; controls E6 and E7 when episomal (non carcinogenic)
  150. p53
    normally regulates apoptotic Bax and cell progression via P21C1P; Destroyed by E6 HPV
  151. pocket proteins
    pRb, p107, p103; destroyed by E7 HPV; release E2Fs when attacked by HPV
  152. koliocytes
    cytoplasmic vacuoles; HPV
  153. HPV 1-4
    skin, plantar warts
  154. HPV 6-11
    condylomata, acuminata, resp/laryngo in kids
  155. HPV 16-18
    cervix, penis, anus
  156. HPV 16
  157. sialic acid
    rx for plantar and genital warts
  158. imiquimod
    immune response modulators for HPV
  159. gardasil vaccine
    against L1 of 6, 11, 16, 18
  160. cervavix vaccine
    L1 of 16, 18, 31, 45
  161. VP1 capsid protein
  162. T Ag
  163. BK virus
    polyomavirus; shedding in urine, graft loss in immunosuppressed renal transplants
  164. JC
    polyomavirus; multifocal leukoencephalopathy because oligo and astrocyte destruction
  165. T cell leukemia/lymphoma
  166. Tax
    HTLV; transcription activator, required for malignant transformation of T cells, activates IL-2 and its receptor (T cell growth)
  167. Rex
    HTLV; viral mRNA processing and exit to cytoplasm
  168. gp46, gp 21
    envelope proteins for HTLV
  169. lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, lytic bone lesions, hypercalcemia
  170. flower shaped nucleus
    ATL, HAM
  171. gait disturbance, weak limbs, no bowel/bladder control
  172. vif
    HIV; inhib APOBEC3G
  173. vpr
    HIV; virus from cytoplasm to nucleus
  174. vpu
    HIV; viral release
  175. gag
    HIV; core p24
  176. pol
    HIV; RT, IN, PR
  177. env
    HIV; gp 160 (120 + 41)
  178. Type B HIV
    mononuclear cells, anal sex
  179. Type E HIV
    female genital tract, vaginal se
  180. tat
    HIV; increases gene transcription
  181. nef
    HIV; decreases MHC 1 expression
  182. Rev
    HIV; later mRNA from nucleus to cytoplasm
  183. V3 loop
    on gp120 of HIV; most immunogenic region
  184. CXCR4
    co receptor for HIV on T cell
  185. CCR5
    co-receptor for HIV on macrophages
  186. maculopapular not on palms and soles
    HIV early, acute stage
  187. antigen receptor complex
    fevers, fatigue, weight loss, lymphadenopathy
  188. oraquick
    finger prick test for HIV, needs Western Blot for confirmation
  189. zidovudine, azidothymidine, retrovir
    inhibit HIV replication via proviral DNA synthesis; hematoxicity side effects
  190. lamivudine/ emtricitabine
    same as ZDV but well tolerated
  191. Nevirapine, Efavirenz
    NNRTI, Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  192. Saquinavir, ritonavir, nelfinavir, indinavir
    PI, buffalo hump, lipodystrophy
  193. enfuvirtide
    fusion inhibitor, blocks gp41
  194. maraviroc
    fusion inhibitor, inhibits IN
  195. PEP low risk regimen
    lamivudine and zidovidine
  196. PEP high risk regimen
    lamivudine + zidovidine + lopinavir/ritonavir
  197. trimethoprim
    prevent OI of pneumonia
  198. fluconazole
    prevent OI of meningitis
  199. ganciclovir
    prevent OI of retinitis from CMV
  200. antifungals
    prevent OI of thrush
  201. spastic paraparesis, bladder dysfunction, keratoconjunctivitis, ureitis, arthritis, polymyositis
  202. brick shaped particles
  203. specific and cross reacting Ab
    pox virus
  204. viroreceptors, INF resistance
  205. benign epidermal tumor
  206. posterior auricular lymphadenopathy
  207. erythroblast P Ag
    receptor for B19 (parvovirus)
  208. VP1,2,3; resistance to pH, solvents, temperature
  209. hairpin palindromes
  210. erythema infectiosum, aplastic anemia
  211. bullet shaped capsid
    Rhabdovirus (rabies)
  212. uses Ach receptor
  213. hydrophobia
    throat swallowing, in rhabdovirus
  214. limbic system
    furious rabies
  215. neocortex
    dumb rabies
  216. Negri bodies
  217. black vomit
    yellow fever (flavivirus)
  218. pleural effusion
    dengue hemorrhagic fever (flavivirus)
  219. 3 segmented, ss negative RNA genome
  220. severe thrombocytopenia
    ebola (filovirus)
  221. 2 segmented ss negative RNA
  222. budding of nuclear membrane
    herpes viruses
  223. LATs
    latency associated transcripts; in herpes; noncoding RNAs that suppress viral replication
  224. heparin sulfate and nectin
    used for entry of HSV1/2
  225. tegument
  226. VP16
    viral protein, herpes; in conjuction with host TF, activates viral transcription of IE proteins
  227. thymidine kinase
    in host cells of HSV1/2 infected cells; drug target
  228. trigeminal ganglia
    place of latency for HSV-1
  229. lumbar/sacral ganglia
    place of latency for HSV-2
  230. owl eye
  231. erythema multiforme
    bulls eye lesions in HSV1/2
  232. Stevens-Johnson
    severe erythema multiforme of HSV1/2; involves desquamating skin lesions
  233. Reye's syndrome
    from taking Aspirin, related to flu and VZV; encephalitis and liver degeneration
  234. opthalmic of trigeminal
  235. varivax
    live vaccine to prevent VZV
  236. zostavax
    live vaccine to prevent zoster
  237. most common cause congenital abnormalities
    CMV (herpes)
  238. cytomegalic inclusion disease
    infants with CMV
  239. heterophilnegative mononucleosis
  240. retinitis, intractable colitis
  241. viral pp65
    used in IF assay of CMV
  242. C3 complement
    activated when EBV (herpes) infects B lymphocytes
  243. non specific heterophilnegative mononucleosis
    EBV (herpes)
  244. infectious mononucleosis
  245. oral hairy leukoplasia
  246. lymphoproliferative disease
  247. nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  248. Burkitt's lymphoma
  249. Hodgkin's
  250. xanthem subitum, roseola infantum
    herpes 6 and 7
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