Biology Lect.1-4

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  1. Carl Linnaeus
    named every species and published these 10,000 species in Species Plantarum in 1753. He accepted the idea of special creation
  2. Special Creation
    • - all living things were created in their present form 6000 years ago (4004 B.C)
    • -organisms have remained basically the same ever since
  3. James Hutton
    In contrast to Linnaeus, suggested that the earth was quite ancient. His theory was Uniformitarianism
  4. Uniformitarianism
    • suggested that the earth had undergone continuous slow changes for millions of years.
    • fossil studies indicated that only 1% of all species that had inhabited earth are alive. 99% are extinct
  5. George Cuvier
    proposed the hypothesis of Catastrophism
  6. Catastrophism
    suggested that many catastrophes had occurred throughout earths history. Each event destroyed all the species that were present. The most recent is the biblical flood.
  7. Louis Agassiz
    said that the fossil record revealed 50-80 such extinctions of life, followed by an equal number of new, seperate creations. was the leading american biologist at the time.
  8. Anaximander
    Wrote ideas about the evolution of species suggesting that ancient species gave rise to new species. He did not include how it could happen so this theory was limited.
  9. Buffon and Erasmus Darwin
    Spoke about how organisms changed/evolved over time. none of these people every proposed a clear mechanism of how this process might occur
  10. Jean Baptiste Lamarck
    was the first scientist to propose a theory of how evolution might work. Referred to as evolution of inheritance of aquired characteristics. He was wrong. Studied Giraffe necks
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