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  1. How many flights make up the CE squadron?
  2. What is the title of the person who commands CE?
    Base Civil Engineer (BLE)
  3. To what civilian position can the BCE be compared?
    Mayor of a large city
  4. *What is the title of the person who is usually the highest-grade civilian in the CE squadron?
    Deputy BLE
  5. Why does CE traditionally have a higher percentage of civilian workforces than other squadrons on base?
    Need for continuity
  6. Who handles personnel actions for the commander?
    Squadron section
  7. What flight supervises record keeping?
    Administraion flight
  8. *Name three characteristics of the operations flight.
    • -Largest flight in CE
    • -Home of the craft shops
    • -Commanded by 2nd ranking officer in the squadron
  9. Which element within the operations flight is in charge of inspecting service contracts?
    Maintenance Engineering Element
  10. What flight deals with the money issues of the squadron?
    Resources Flight
  11. Where would you find pest managment personnel?
    Enviromental flight
  12. What flight ensures the squadron is trained for its wartime mission?
    Readiness flight
  13. *In the fire protection flight, what position does the BCE occupy?
    Base fire marshal
  14. *Mobile self-sufficient unit capable of heavy engineering operations
    RED HORSE squadron
  15. *Composed of airmen and officers assigned to bases throughout the world
    Prime BEEF team
  16. *Provides training units for active duty in time of war
  17. *Can be mobilized by state governors
  18. What does BEEF stand for?
    Base engineer emergency force
  19. What does RED HORSE stand for?
    Rapid engineer deployable - Heavy operations repair squadron engineer
  20. What does ANG stand for?
    Air national guard
  21. What does AFRES stand for?
    Air force reserve
  22. *List the six unique types of operations performed by 3E2X1 in Red Horse organization.
    Asphalt batch plant, concrete batch plant, concrete mobile/deployable pavement repair, quarry operations, well drilling, airborne
  23. List the four rules for success in CE.
    Work hard, study effectively, cooperate with other workers, listen to and respond positively to the desires of your immediate supervisor
  24. What skill level are you awarded upon graduation of technical school?
    3 level apprentice
  25. *What is the AF's planned program for training?
    Elisted specialty training program (EST)
  26. What is training process?
    Qualifying people to perform their duties, tasks, and activities
  27. What do we call a person who plans and conducts training?
    The trainer
  28. *What do we call a qualified 5-level journeyman who must maintain qualifications as a task evaluator?
  29. Who plans and schedules OJT?
  30. *What office serves as the training advisor to the commander, unit personnel, and training activities?
    Unit training manager (UTM)
  31. Who ensures the unit EST satisfies the mission and career field specialty?
    Unit commander
  32. What person develops requirements and implements and manages career field training programs?
    MAJCOM functional manager
  33. *Describe the AF's two-pronged approach to training?
    • -Train in general airforce knowledge
    • - Train in job specialty knowledge
  34. How is formal training provided?
    Technical training school
  35. How is informal training provided?
    By OJT
  36. What is the primary tool to use to identify training requirements?
    Career field education and training plan (CFETP)
  37. Where can you find an enlisted career pyramid?
    Part 1 of CFETP
  38. Where can you find taskes that have been certified as having been completed?
    Part 2 of the CFETP
  39. What part of the CFEPT can be thought of as a contract?
  40. Which STS column shows the code level that training must meet when items are identified by your supervisor as necessary for your duty position?
    OJT column
  41. *The successful passing of what test allows you to move on to another area of study?
    Post test
  42. *What it the AF Form 623 called?
    OJT Record
  43. Where is your personal AF Form 623 kept?
    Your supervisor
  44. Where is the CFEPT kept?
    Inside AF form 623
  45. *What is the best way to identify and organize training requirements?
    To record them on a master task list (MTL)
  46. What is a training program?
    People, materials, and method used to train assigned technicians to required prodiciency levels
  47. A time-phased schedule that implements the traininf program.
    Training plan
  48. Courses made up, taught, or managed by HQ AETC, MAJCOM, or other specialized centers.
    Formal training
  49. Training that consists of both knowledge and performance training and results in the trainee becoming capable of doing designated tasks unsupervised.
    Qualifications training.
  50. *Training that contributes directly or indirectly to mission achievment, but is separate from requirements of an individual's primary specialty.
    Ancillary training
  51. Follow-on, advanced training to develop in-depth expertise with in a specialty.
    Continuation training
  52. All duties and tasks done in your work center.
  53. A major subdivison of the job.
  54. Additional job requirements that support your organization.
    Additional duties.
  55. Selected and grouped together tasks.
    Work center duty positions.
  56. The lowest levels of behavior in a job that describes the complete performance of a meaningful function in a job.
  57. All of the steps performed to accomplish the task.
    Task activities.
  58. What skill level can be thought of as a "worker bee"?
    5 level
  59. At what skill level are you considered an expert in your career field, able to teach and train others?
    7 level.
  60. *Who is usually the highest grade civilian in the CE squadron?
    Deputy BCE
  61. *Which of civil engineer flights is home to the crafts shops?
  62. *Which CE flight is commanded by the second ranking officer in the squadron?
  63. *To what position with the fire department does the BCE occupy?
    Base fire marshal.
  64. (Prime beef teams) They are formed from...
    within CE, and are not self sufficient.
  65. *How many specialty requirements to the 3E2X1 career field have in a Red Horse Unit?
  66. *Which unit can be mobilized by state govenors?
    Air national guard.
  67. Which position is awarded to those upgraded to a 7-level?
  68. Who certifies your training so that you cna be upgraded to a 7-level?
  69. *What is the AF's planned program for training called?
  70. *Which skill level must the training certifier carry?
  71. *Which office has resonsibilty for the sound managment of the unit's OJT policies and procedures?
    Unit training manager.
  72. *What can be said about the AF's approach to training?
    It is two pronged.
  73. Who develops the CFETP for the career field?
    MAJCOM functional managers and senior career field craftsman.
  74. What is an advantage of the CerTest program?
    • -Testing is interactive
    • -Can be implemented in small units
    • -Cost effective training conducted in house
  75. How is the CerTest program organized?
    By AFSC.
  76. *What CerTest test covers specific topic and must be passed to move on to another area of study?
    Post test.
  77. *Which AF forms is titled "on the job training record"?
    AF Form 623.
  78. *What is the best way to identify and organize training requirements?
  79. *Which type of training contributes directly or indirectly to mission accomplishements, but is separate from requirements of an individual's primary specialty?
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