Literary terms SEM 1

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  1. Alliteration
    "wild Wendy"

    repetition of consonant sounds
  2. Anadiplosis
    "rely on his honor--honor such as his"

    Repetition of last word in phrase then repeats in the beginning of next.
  3. Anaphora
    "we cannot dedicate--we cannot consecrate"

    Repetition of first word in sentence.
  4. Anastrophe
    Changing position of single word
  5. Antimetabole
    To emphasize the words in a phrase or clause in reverse grammatical order
  6. Antithesis
    "they promised freedom provided slavery"

    Contrasting ideas in the same sent.
  7. Aphorism
    Common theme, moral keen obseservation
  8. Assonance
    "I went to a stony homey abode"

    Repetition of vowel sound
  9. Asyndeton
    "I came, I saw, I conquered"

    Omission of conjunctions
  10. Circumlocution
    Using a lot of words to get your point across
  11. Denotation
    Literal meaning of word
  12. Ellipsis
    Omission of words using (..........)
  13. Epanalepsis
    "of the people, for the people, by the people"

    Repetition of a word or phrase
  14. Epistrophe
    Repetition of a word at end of sent
  15. Euphemism
    Making something bad to sound good
  16. Verbal irony
    Says something but means something else
  17. Situational irony
    Outcome was different than expected
  18. Dramatic irony
    Actions of characters have different meaning to readers than to character
  19. Malapropism
    Inappropriate use of words being mispoken
  20. Periphrasis
    Adding extra unnecessary words

    Periphrasis may be used on purpose, creating anticipation, through delay.

    Periphrasis was more common in earlier centuries, where the writing and speech was far more 'flowery'. Such writing can still be found in poetry, as in phrases like "death's other self" for "sleep".
  21. Shift/turn
    Change in thought
  22. Synecdoche
    "ABCs = alphabet"

    Part of something being used as a whole
  23. Polysyndeton
    Sentence that was a lot of conjunctions
  24. Prosody
    Rhythm, stress of speech
  25. Zeugma
  26. Incongruity
    Lacking in harmony. Not consistent in what is proper or logical
  27. Non-sequitur
    Conclusion does not follow logically with evidence.
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