anatomy 25 Systems

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  1. Intengumentary System...
    Skin, hair, nails.

    Synthesizes vitamin D, protects deeper parts of the body from injury, site of cutaneous ( pain, pressure ) receptors, has sweat and oil glands.
  2. Skeletal system..
    Protects and supports body organs, framework for muscles, bones make blood cells, bones store minerals.
  3. muscular system...
    Lets the body move around, generates heat.
  4. Nervous system...
    Control system of the body, communication system of the body.
  5. Endocrine system...
    Gland system of the body, glands produce and release hormones that regulate things like growth, reproduction, metabolism, etc.
  6. Cardiovascular system...
    Heart and blood vessel system of the body.
  7. Lymphatic system / immunity system...
    Picks up fluid from blood vessels and returns it to blood, removes debris in lymphatic stream, houses WBCs ( lymphocytes ).
  8. Respiratory system...
    Lungs - brings oxygen to the system, removes CO2.
  9. Digestive system..
    Stomach, guts, breaks down food, absorbs nutrients, removes undigestible food waste.
  10. Urinary system...
    Removes nitrogen from system, regulates water, electrolyte, and acid-base balance of blood.
  11. Reproductive system...
    Reproductive organs.
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