Trees, Appearance

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  1. What does the appearance of a tree depend on?
    Whether it belongs to the Dicotyledons or Monocotyledons.
  2. What is distinctive about the roots of Dicotyledon trees?
    The roots of Dicotyledon trees go deep into the ground.
  3. Describe the trunk of a Dicotyledon tree.
    The trunk rises for a distance and then branches, is covered with bark which may be textured or fairly smooth.
  4. Describe the branches of a Dicotyledon tree.
    The branches develop early in young trees and as they die from the ground up, they leave the trunk relatively bare of branches.
  5. What does the general stature or shape of the Dicotyledon tree depend on?
    It depends on the formation of its branches. Sometimes, on reaching a certain height , the trunk divides into a number of thick branches that then subdivide. Otherwise the only branches are lateral, reducing in length as they near the top. These may be horizontal, or close to the trunk and almost vertical (Lombardy Poplar). This latter shape is known as fastigiate
  6. What are fastigiate shaped trees useful for ?
    This is a useful tree shape for small gardens, particularly in smaller tree varieties. In weeping trees the branches bend down towards the ground (weeping willow).
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