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  1. Cognitive rehabilitation enhances...
    • perception
    • attention
    • comprehension
    • learning
    • rememvering
    • problem solving
    • reasoning
  2. Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT)
    restoring mental pocesses and teaching strategies
  3. Substitution Approach
    emphasizes teaching skills that the person with brain injury could use in place of damaged skills
  4. Direct Retraining
    various forms of mental exercises that were designed to strengthen a patient's mind
  5. Problem with Direct Retraining...
    limited potential for transfer or carryover to the real world
  6. Stimulation Therapy
    aka direct retraining

    cognitive functions will improve through stimulation of the cognitive system
  7. Process Training
    focuses on specific areas of cognition
  8. Attention-Concentration Training
    improve a person's ability to focus attention, maintain vigilance, resist distraction, and perform mental manipulation quickly and efficiently
  9. Strategy Training
    teaching a person mental sets that are applicable in a variety of contexts
  10. Nutrient and Drug Treatment
    various substances can affect cognition by correcting chemical imbalance
  11. Prosthetic-Orthotic Devices
    external aids whose purpose is to obviate a cognitive problem rather than to retrain a defective process

    fastest way to treat certain cognitive defecits
  12. Domain-Specific Training
    training a person to function within stimulated life experiences or a specific functional domain
  13. Indirect Training
    indirect methods may also be effective along with direct training

    ex. better eating and sleeping habits, cariety of external aids, etc.
  14. Therapy is most effective when...
    it focuses on all relevant subsystems in a manner that improves cognitive performance
  15. Relevant Subystems important in cognition:
    • attention
    • perception
    • comprehension
    • learning
    • remembering
    • communication
    • problem solving
    • creative thinking
  16. Aspects of a person's life that affect cognition:
    • emotions
    • nutrition
    • health
    • stress
    • social functioning
  17. Issues in the Development of CRT
    • - Who should direct treatment?
    • - Efficacy
    • - lack of integration or application of theory and practice
    • - widening set of techniques that encompass CRT
    • - broadening number of applications for this type of therapy
    • - lack of generally accepted procedures for therapist certification
  18. What 3 things can CRT methods do?
    • 1. Arrest cognitive decline and even reverse it
    • 2. Improve quality of life
    • 3. Reduce incidence of everday problems
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