MCITP Exam 70-685 "Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician" - Chapter 1

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  1. How can you open Windows 7 Action Center?
    You can acess the Action Center by clicking the flag icon in the notification area of the taskbar.
  2. How do you access Windows 7 troubleshooters?
    Most troubleshooters built into Windows 7 are available through the Troubleshooting item in Control Panel (when viewing Control Panel by icons rather than category). You can also access troubleshooters by clicking Troubleshooting in the Action Center under Maintenance.
  3. Where would you go to run a troubleshooter on a printer or other peripheral device?
    Devices and Printers
  4. How can you access Reliability Monitor?
    In the Action Center, click on View Reliability History under the Maintenance section.
  5. How can you access the Windows Recovery Environment?
    • Press F8 as your computer starts to open the Advanced Boot Options menu, then choose Repair Your Computer.
    • It can also be reached by booting from the Windows 7 DVD.
  6. What are the five available System Recovery Options when starting the Windows Recovery Environment?
    • Startup Repair
    • System Restore
    • System Image Recovery
    • Windows Memory Diagnostics
    • Command Prompt
  7. How can you run Windows Memory Diagnostics?
    • It can be scheduled to run by clicking Windows Memory Diagnostics from the Administrative Tools menu.
    • You can enter "mdsched" in the Run dialog
    • By selecting it when running the Windows Boot Manager, or when running the Windows Recovery Environment.
  8. How can you access Windows Boot Manager?
    By repeatedly pressing the space bar as your system starts.

    Windows Boot Manager is a feature that enables you to choose an operating system to start when multiple operating systems are installed on the local machine.

    Typically, Windows Boot Manager does not appear when you have only one operating system installed. However, you can force Windows Boot Manager to appear by repeatedly pressing the space bar as your system starts.
  9. Name two tools that can be used to troubleshoot hard disk problems.
    • Chkdsk
    • Disk Defragmenter
  10. What is EFI?
    Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)

    EFI is and advanced replacement for BIOS that is beginning to appear in some new computers.
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