Biology Midterm

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  1. True/False
    Redi and Pasteur both performed experimants that supported the Theory of Spontaneous Generation.
  2. Which of the following statements about enzymes is true?
    A) the higher the temperature, the better they work
    B) they increase the activation energy of a reaction
    C) a single molecule is able to change many different kinds of substrate molecules
    D) they have a very complex structure that includes an active site
    D) they have a very complex structure that includes an active site
  3. Should a student be able to see an object that is 700 microns in size with the naked eye?
  4. A microschop has a total magnification of 450x. The eyepiece magnification is 10x. The high power objective must be...
  5. Molecule X is known to enter cells through protein channels from an area of high concentration. X probably
    A) is a glucose molecule
    B) is a lipid molecule
    C) enters by active transport
    D) enters by failitated diffusion
    enters by facilitated diffusion (D)
  6. If an organism has 24 chromosomes in each body cell, its diploid number is
    A) 6 B) 12 C) 24 D) none of these
    C) 24
  7. A couple are told that they have a 25% chance of having a blue eyed child. What is the chance that if they have two children, they will have two blue eyed girls?
  8. During Mitosis, the
    A) DNA molecules unwind
    B) DNA transcribes mRNA
    C) DNA molecules become more tightly coiled
    D) DNA replicates itself
    C) DNA molecules become more tightly coiled
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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