Pharmacology, Chapter 1

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  1. Additive Drug Reaction
    a reaction that occurs when the combined effect of two drugs is equal to the sum of each drug given alone
  2. Adverse Reaction
    undesirable drug effects
  3. Agonist
    a drug that binds with a receptor to produce a therapeutic response
  4. Allergic Reaction
    a drug reaction that occurs because the individual's immune system views the drug as a foreign substance
  5. Anaphylactic Shock
    an extremely serious allergic drug reaction
  6. Antagonist
    a drug that joins with a receptor to prevent the action of an agonist at the receptor
  7. Antibodies
    immune system molecules produced in reaction with an antigen
  8. Antigen
    a substance that the immune system perceives as foreign and that causes production of antibodies
  9. Controlled Substances
    drugs with a high potentional for abuse that are controlled by special regulations
  10. Cumulative Drug Effect
    a drug effect that occurs when the body has not fully metabolized a dose of a drug before the next dose is given
  11. Drug Idiosyncrasy
    any unusual or abnormal reaction to a drug
  12. Drug Tolerance
    a decreased response to a drug, requiring an increase in dosage to achieve the desired effect
  13. Hypersensitivity
    being allergic to a drug
  14. Nonprescription Drugs
    drugs designated by the FDA to be obtained without a prescription
  15. Pharmaceutic Phase
    the dissolution of the drug
  16. Pharmacodynamics
    a drug's actions and effects within the body
  17. Pharmacogenetic Disorder
    a genetically determined abnormal reswponse to normal dose of a drug
  18. Pharmacokinetics
    activities occuring within the body after a drug is administered, including absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
  19. Pharmacology
    the study of drugs and their action on living organisms
  20. Physical Dependence
    a compulsive need to use a substance repeatedly to avoid mild to severe withdrawal symptoms
  21. Polypharmacy
    the taking of numerous drugs that can potentially react with one another
  22. Prescription Drugs
    drugs the federal government has designated as potentially harmful unless supervised by a license health care provider
  23. Psychological Dependence
    a compulsion to use a substance to obtain a pleasurable experience
  24. Receptor
    a specialized macromolecule that binds to the drug molecule, altering the function of the cell and producing the therapeutic response
  25. Synergism
    a drug interaction that occurs when drugs produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their separate actions
  26. Teratogen
    any substance that causes abnormal development of the fetus
  27. Therapeutic Response
    the intended (beneficial) effect of a drug
  28. Toxic
    harmful drug effect
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