330 1.2 Dialects

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  1. vernacular
    casual, informal register of speech
  2. style shifting
    move along speech registers
  3. code switching
    whether or not second language in home
  4. Standard American English (SAE)
    language of textbook and newscasters
  5. no child learns dialects
    free from speech
  6. African American English 2
    • Black English, Ebonics, AAE vernacular
    • has systematic differeneces in all the components of laguage
  7. Latino English
    • Hispanic population is largest ethnic population in the US
    • variety of groups: Puerto Rican, Mexican, Central American
  8. Asian English 2
    • many different types
    • difficult to generalize
  9. What must we know about COM break downs?
    • when one occurs
    • work together to fix it
  10. different cultures have...
    different rules of COM (pragmatics)
  11. language dialects 2
    • language rule system that varies in some way from the standard
    • roots in history, politics, religion, culture, linguistic forces
  12. language dialects can vary in 6
    • syntax
    • semantics
    • morphology
    • pragmatics
    • phonology
    • differ more in the frequency of use of aspects
  13. views on dialects 3
    • should be viewed within own social context: they work for those using them
    • some as deficit (inferior)
    • dialects themselves have no intrinsic value; value is listener's bias
  14. factors related to dialect usage
    • geography
    • SES
    • race / ethnicity
    • peer group influences
    • situation / context
  15. speech registers
    different styles of speaking
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