Special vocabulary: paired words (nouns)

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  1. aches and pains
    dolores aquí y allá (variados pero pequeños problemas de salud)
  2. a down and out
    vagabundo, persona que vive en la calle
  3. ins and outs
    tejemanejes, todos los detalles de una situación
  4. pros and cons
    ventajas y desventajas
  5. give and take
    toma y daca: Marriage is all about give and take between the partners.
  6. facts and figures
    pelos y señales, datos exactos: Give me all the facts and figures.
  7. odds and ends
    variedad de diferentes artículos, cosas: There were only a few odds and ends ñeft in the drawer.
  8. pins and needles
    hormigueo: I've got pins and needles in my hand.
  9. peace and quiet
    tranquilidad: I went to the library for some peace and quiet.
  10. part and parcel
    parte indispensable: This is part and parcel of my plan.
  11. this and that
    esto y aquello, varias cosas sin especificar, nada en particular: -What have you been up to lately? -Oh, this and that.
  12. ups and downs
    lo bueno y lo malo, los buenos y los malos tiempos: They've had their ups and downs, but they've always loved each other.
  13. comings and goings
    idas y venidas (backstage): They watched all the comings and goings backstage.
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