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  1. Attempt
    An effort to committ a crime that goes beyond mere preparation but doesnt result in the crime being committed.
  2. Solicitation
    The act of requesting or strongly urging someone to do something. If the request is to do something illegal, solicitation is a crime
  3. Crimes of Ommission
    failing to preform an act required by criminal law (hit and run, failing to file taxes)
  4. Accessory after the fact
    One who knows a crime has been committed and helps conceal the crime or criminal
  5. Accessory before the fact
    One who orders, encourages, or helps plan a crime before the crime happens
  6. Accomplice
    A person who voluntarily helps another person commits a crime; is usually present and directly aids in the crime unlike an accessory
  7. Principal
    The reason a person committs a crime
  8. Restitution
    The act of restoring something to its owner; the act of making good for loss or damage; repaying or refunding illegally obtained money or property
  9. Criminal Case = plea bargian
  10. Civil Case = settlement
  11. Whats the difference between jail and prison
    Jail is where a person is held before a crime and for a misdemeanor. Prison is where a person is sent after the trial is over or held for chrges for a felony
  12. How many member or on a petite jurt
  13. Motion to suppress evidence
    Request that certain evidence not be used in the trial
  14. Motion for discovery of evidence
    The request to examine evidence in possesion of the prosecutor
  15. Pretrial Motions
    • disovery of evidence
    • contiunance
    • change of venue
    • suppress evidence
  16. Searches without warrent (9)
    • search incident to a lawful arrest
    • stop and frisk
    • consent
    • plain view
    • controband
    • hot pursuit
    • vechile searches
    • emergency situations
    • borders and airports
  17. Voir Dire
    Jury selection process
  18. Indictment
    A grand jury's formal charge of accusation of criminal action
  19. Grand Jury
    a group of 16-23 people who decides is their is enough evidence to charge a person with a crime
  20. Preliminary hearing
    Pretrial proceeding at which the prosecutor must prove that a crime was committed and established the probable guilt of the defendant
  21. Arraignment
    A court session at which a defendant is charged and enters a plea
  22. Probable Cause
    A resonable belief, known personally or through a relliable source, that a specific person has committed a crime
  23. Necessity
    A defence to a criminal charge that shows a just of lawful reaon for the defendent to commit a crime
  24. Dueress
    Unlawful pressure on a person to do something they would not do otherwise; when the person life and personal safety is in immediate dange
  25. Entrapment
    An act by law enforcement to persuade a person to commit a crime that a person would not otherwise committed
  26. Burglary
    Breaking and entering a building with the intention of committing a crime
  27. Extortion
    Taking property illegally through threats of harm (blackmail)
  28. Robbery
    The unlawful taking of property from a person's immediate possession by force or intimidation
  29. Embezzlement
    The taking of money or property by a person whom it has been entrusted with
  30. Larceny
    The unlawful taking of another persons's property with the intent to steal it
  31. Negligent homocide
    Causing death through criminally negligent behavior
  32. Involuntary Manslaughter
    Killing where there is no intent to kill
  33. Voluntary manslaughter
    The killing of a person without mallice or prededitation; killing when the victim actions would cause a normal person to act in a heat of passion or snap; intent of harm/ intent to kill
  34. 2nd Degree Murder
    Killing done will mallice but not deliberate or premeditated
  35. Felony Murder
    The killing of someone while committing a felony, regardless with the intent to kill (required for a murder charge)
  36. 1st degree murder
    Killing/Homocide done with mallice and is premeditated
  37. Malice
    ill will; deliberate intent to harm someone
  38. Homocide
    The killiing of another person; can be criminal, noncriminal, or negligent
  39. Consipracy
    An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime
  40. Criminal: Parole
    Juvenille: Aftercare
  41. Criminal: prison
    Juvenille: detention
  42. Criminal: Scentencing
  43. Criminal: found guilty
    Juvenille:Found delinquent
  44. Criminal: trial
    Juvenille: Adjudicatory Hearing
  45. Criminal: Not guilty plea
  46. Criminal: File charges
  47. Criminal Case: Arrest
    Juvinille Case: Taken Into custody
  48. Criminal Court: crime
    Juvinille Case: Offence
  49. Beyond Resonable Doubt = Criminal Case
  50. Proponderance of Evidence= Civial Case
  51. What is filed in a civil case
    A lawsuit
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