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  1. land cover
    the vegetaion and manufactured structures that cover land
  2. land use
    human activities that occur on land and are directly related to land
  3. urban area
    mostly developed land covered mainly with buildings and roads that had a human population of 2500 or more
  4. rural area
    another type of land use or land cover; includes forests, cropland, etc.; the "country"
  5. urbanization
    the shift of population form the countryside to urban areas
  6. infrastructure
    the facilities, services, and installations necessary for the functioning of a community
  7. heat island
    an area in which the temperature is several degrees higher than that of the surrounding area
  8. noise pollution
    undesired background noise
  9. light pollution
    the way city lights brighten the night sky, obscuring stars and planets
  10. sprawl
    the spread of low-density urban of suburban development outward form and urban center
  11. uncentered commercial (strip) development
    businesses are arranged in a long strip along a roadway with no central communtity
  12. low-density single use residencial development
    homes are located on large lots in residential areas far from businesses
  13. scattered (leapfrog) development
    residential developments are built far from a city center and are not integrated with one another
  14. sparse street network
    roads are far enough apart that areas remain undeveloped, but not far enough apart for these areas to function as natural areas or recreational areas
  15. city planning
    the attempt to design cities so as to maximize their functionality and beauty
  16. geographi information system (GIS)
    a computerized system for storing, manipulating, and viewing geographic data
  17. zoning
    the practice of classifying areas for different types of development and land use
  18. urban growth boundary (UGB)
    a line that city planners draw on a map to separate urban areas from areas of the city that would prefer to remain rural
  19. smart growth
    a philosophy of urban growth that focuses on economic and environmental approaches that lead to sustainable growth and the avoidance of sprawl; building up not out
  20. ecological restoration
    the practice of restoring native communities
  21. greenway
    strips of vegetation or open space that connect parks of neighborhoods; located along rivers, streams, or canals
  22. new urbanism
    the practice that seeks to design neighborhoods that minimize that need to drive by building good public transit systems
  23. green building design
    sustainable architecture that seeks to save energy and other resources without sacrificing people's comfort
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