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  1. what are thrombocytes?
    platelets, cytoplasmic fragments
  2. what do thrombocytes look like?
    • non-nucleated
    • smaller than RBC
  3. where are thrombocytes made?
    in the bone marrow
  4. what is the function of thrombocytes?
    hemostasis (starts clotting process)
  5. how are thrombocytes produced in the bone marrow?
    megakaryoblast divides and turns into promegakaryoctyes. promegakaryocytes divide and turns into megakaryocyte, the platelets then break off
  6. how long are platelets lifespan in circulation?
    about 10 days
  7. define thrombocytosis
    greater than normal thrombocytes
  8. define thrombocytopenia
    less than normal thrombocytes
  9. define thrombocytopathia
    not able to function correctly in clotting mechanism
  10. what is the normal range for thrombocytes?
    • 200,00 - 500,000/ul
    • clinical signs once below 50,000/ul
  11. what are the clinical signs of an animal with too little thrombocytes
    • unable to clot blood
    • spontaneous mucosal bleeding (epistaxis & hematuria, melena & ocular hemorrhage, gingival bleeding, bruising/echymoses, petechial hemorrhages
  12. how to estimate the total number of platelets
    • count the total number of platelets in 10 fields
    • multiply by 1500
  13. what are the mechanisms of thrombocytopenia?
    • decreased production
    • increased destruction
    • consumption
    • sequestration (can't get out of the spleen)
  14. what are shift platelets?
    bigger than normal platelets
  15. what causes shift platelets?
    breaking off early due to an increased demand
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