Vocab 1

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  1. vexation
    discomfort or distress
  2. bolt
    to move suddenly
  3. solace
    to comfort or cheer
  4. furrow
    to make wrinkles or grooves
  5. relish
    to take great pleasure or delight in
  6. hoary
    white with age; old
  7. infamous
    having a reputation of the worst kind; disgraceful
  8. fret
    to worry or annoy
  9. hack
    one who forfeits professional integrity for money
  10. lament
    to mourn or express sorrow
  11. quench
    to extinguish; put out; to relieve with liquid
  12. artful
    skillful; cleaver; tricky
  13. grate
    to cause irritation
  14. reprise
    a recurrence; renewal; resumption of an action
  15. loathe
    detest; hate
  16. ominous
    foreshadowing; evil
  17. submission
    condition of being humble
  18. courtier
    one in attendance at royal court
  19. fiends
    wicked people; devils; demons
  20. treachery
    violation of allegiance; treason
  21. hoard
    hidden supply
  22. decreed
    to command by law or order
  23. murky
    foggy; smoky
  24. dismal
    disastrous; dreadful
  25. thrashing
    to beat with a whip or stick
  26. prosperity
    condition of being successful
  27. flourish
    to grow; thrive
  28. deceit
    attempt to trick
  29. mournful
  30. pagan
    heathen; one with little religion
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